We have been fortunate enough to gain recognition for our services where the majority of our money is raised, here in the UK, but our biggest achievements come in the impacting changes we make to so many Sierra Leonean lives…

Here are some of our organisation’s greatest achievements:

3200+ young Sierra Leoneans accessing high quality, thinking education across 9 schools

150 teachers from 30+ schools trained in girl friendly education strategies, positive behaviour management, accurate subject content, teaching for independence and more and thus affecting 9000+ children’s education

Rolal came 1st and Lumley came 2nd in the country in the last round of West Africa Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (WASSCE – the senior public exams)

25 past pupils have completed the distance teacher training course at the Port Loko Teachers’ College and a further 30 are doing the same course now

7 past pupils on international scholarships:
Kema Gondo is studying medicine in China
Issa Fowai is studying engineering in China
Musa Koroma is studying engineering in Russia
Balla Turay is studying ICT in Venezuela
Alpha Alhaji Kamara is studying engineering in Morocco
Alieu Moinina is studying engineering in Morocco
Unisa Conteh is studying Agriculture in China

Over 100 past pupils in all the tertiary institutions in Sierra Leone, including three in the College of Medicine and Health Sciences, and dozens of students in the Fourah Bay College and the Institute of Public Administration Management, reading a range of Accounting, Engineering and Economics and other degrees.

Miriam Mason-Sesay awarded an MBE (Member of the British Empire) for contributions to charity and education.

Miriam Mason-Sesay awarded an MOR (Member of the Order of Rokel) by the President of Sierra Leone for contributions to education.

EducAid Magbeni came 2nd in the national ‘Innovate Salone’ competition with their agriculture project.

Six out of twelve places at the ‘I believe in Me’ breakfast for ‘Go Women’ won by EducAid girls in 2013

Consistently achieving 95 – 100% pass rates in all the public exams, as opposed to the national averages of 40% at junior secondary level and 10% at senior secondary level.


Informal teacher training – Quality Enhancement Programme:

82 Junior Secondary School teachers trained – improving performance for nearly 6000 children across 14 Junior Secondary Schools

73 Primary School teachers trained – improving performance for 3350+ children across 18 schools

Priorities for this teacher training:

Girl friendly strategies
Positive behaviour management
Thinking and active teaching methodologies
Independent learning strategies
Accurate subject content
Values led teaching
As a result: numerous girls are finding leadership and responsibility positions in their schools; many girls’ clubs have started; students are conscious of their teachers being able to teach with a range of different methodologies and behaviour management strategies (no more canes!); students are feeling more confident going into exams etc etc


Positive behaviour management

Peer Mediators trained in all sites as part of a proactive approach to positive behaviour management – meaning we can expect and achieve the highest standards in behaviour but never use corporal punishment to achieve it.
Group leaders trained on all sites. Each school is divided into houses, which are in turn divided into tutor groups and then groups. The groups operate as a student’s school family. The group leader has a sort of ‘in loco parentis’ role and helps ensure children eat, sleep, study, wash etc in an ordered, safe and happy environment.


Women’s empowerment

Women’s empowerment and leadership workshops started with the new Women-led Newsletter ‘EducAid Now!’ – many more women taking new leadership positions.



Bicycle Project – through relationship with ‘Village Bicycle Project’ bikes provided to needy staff and student as well as bike maintenance workshops on all provincial sites.


Excellent public exam results

In a country where nationwide the average public exam statistics are regularly 40% at Junior Secondary level and 10% at Senior Secondary pass rates, EducAid schools consistently since 2001 achieve 90-100% pass rates at all levels.  In the last senior public exams (West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination – WASSCE) the two EducAid Senior Secondary Schools came 1st and 2nd in the country with 100% passes.  In comparison, nationwide, there was a 10% pass rate!

Past pupils in all tertiary institutes in Sierra Leone and beyond
EducAid past pupils are now in all the tertiary institutes in Sierra Leone: Fourah Bay College, Milton Margai College of Education and Technology, the Institute of Public Administration Management, the College of Medicine and Health Science, Port Loko Teacher Training College and more.

We also have seven youngsters on international scholarships, gained on pure merit:
Esther Gondo in China, studying Medicine
Issa Fowai in China, studying Engineering
Musa Koroma in Russia, studying Engineering
Balla Turay in Venezuela, studying Information and Communication Technology
Alpha Bangura in Morocco, studying Engineering
Alieu Moinina in Morocco, studying Engineering
Unisa Kanu in China, doing a Masters in Agriculture