Stories from Maronka

EducAid’s Maronka Primary School is a special place. It is a safe home for girls, it is a model school, and it is a hub for much of EducAid’s teacher training. We are raising money for Maronka as part of … Read More

#WomenofEducAid: meet Josephine Kamara

We hope you have been enjoying our #WomenofEducAid campaign. As a new member of the EducAid family, I have really enjoyed getting to know these women a little better by hearing their stories and I now have a much better … Read More

#WomenofEducAid: meet Zainab Bangura

This is the second post in the blog series #WomenofEducAid which champions and celebrates the many women who make EducAid what it is today, and who continuously work towards quality education and gender equality in Sierra Leone. Today’s blog celebrates … Read More

#WomenofEducAid: meet Haja Gbla

By Haja Gbla & Roxanne Tibbert In the wake of International Women’s Day, EducAid Sierra Leone want to celebrate the many women working to make quality education accessible to the most vulnerable students in Sierra Leone. These #WomenofEducAid often work … Read More