Our Impact


Having started with a handful of children being sponsored, and 20 children on the back veranda of a rented house as our first school, EducAid now provides education for 2500+ children across 10 school sites and 16,000+ more through training teachers of 30 + partner schools.

Not only does EducAid seek excellence in terms of academic performance but more importantly in terms of the counter culture values we uphold: integrity, personal responsibility for progress and development, independent thinking and learning, creativity and courage.

EducAid passionately believes in the power of education to destroy poverty:

  • We run 10 schools: 5 secondary schools and 5 primary schools, providing thinking, values led education for over 2500 vulnerable young Sierra Leoneans. We have a unique, personalised learning system that empowers our students to take responsibility for their own learning and permits all of them to learn at their optimum pace.
  • We run teacher training programmes for 30 + partner schools from across Sierra Leone.
  • We provide literacy and numeracy classes in the female wings of 3 prisons, in partnership with AdvocAid.
  • We run farms on three of the school sites, supported by Seeds from Africa, in order to support the feeding of the students. In all our programmes, and in robust refusal to cooperate with local norms, we uphold equality of all our students.
  • Women in Sierra Leone have been traditionally held down and refused access to basic rights of education, ownership, self-determination and independence. We have strong women focused programmes: the Women’s Project, the Girl Power Group, The Maronka Girls’ Safe House and EducAid Now but we also have a pro-equality determination throughout everything we do.