Our Programmes

EducAid has been operating in Sierra Leone since 2000. Since those early days, with 20 students huddled around a tree in Freetown, we have grown in to a full-scale primary through tertiary educational network. We now have: 13 schools over 10 sites; we will impact 250,000 students through our teacher-training programme, the QEP, and; with our post-secondary programmes, we are putting our past students and future staff on the right path to creating a genuine change in Sierra Leone.

Our vision is to create a democratic, dignified and prosperous Sierra Leone, where poverty is eliminated by educated citizens who are able to develop their personal, social and economic wellbeing. There are several complex issues that prevent this vision from coming a reality: corruption; a lack of fundamental infrastructure; a lack of trained teachers; and costly barriers to education being just some of the difficulties that young Sierra Leoneans must face. Our programmes seek to address the imbalances that are present in this country, but more than that we aim to give our students the knowledge, confidence and tools to actively participate in changing the status quo.

The EducAid Country Director, Miriam Mason-Sesay’s commitment to education in Sierra Leone is unparalleled, but It is her innovative child-centred learning methods and visionary approach to tackling diverse challenges that have given EducAid such success in Sierra Leone.

All EducAid programmes have been devised by Miriam, but they are carried out with dedication and diligence by our staff in Sierra Leone. We are proud to be a grassroots organisation; with 99% of our staff being Sierra Leonean, and 89% of them being past EducAid students, we are able to retain the learning and citizenship-centred values that we work so hard to instil during our students’ time at school. Find out more by clicking on the relevant programme below:



All of the programmes at EducAid have been developed by Miriam. In 2013 Miriam was honoured with an MBE for her outstanding contribution to education and charitable work; in the same year she was made a Member of the Order of Rokel by the State House in Sierra Leone; in 2016 she won the World of Children Education Award; and Miriam made it in to the final 50 of the Varkey Foundation’s Global Teacher Award in the same year.