Go Girls Go!

Jess Broadhurst [long time EducAid supporter] and her friend Lorna are in action: Land’s End to John O Groats raising funds for EducAid. Fantastic job! Greatly appreciated. Have a look at what they are up to on their blog: http://jess-lorna.blogspot.com/ … Read More

UK volunteers getting stuck in

In height order…Flex, Alice, Becky and Kofi. All the rice is gone anyway!Flex and Becky have got stuck in to life in Magbeni. Although the staff and students are very welcoming, it is not as easy as it sounds. Magbeni … Read More

A suitable and long-lasting memorial

Oil palm seedling. Coconut seedlings breaking through the undergrowth. There was much generosity shown last year when people gathered in the UK for a memorial mass after Alhassan died. A significant amount of money was donated to EducAid in his … Read More

Just so we are clear……

Just so we are clear that the work is all there to be done still…. there is no justice, there is no equal access to health care. The work ahead to achieve 21st century standards of human rights is enormous. … Read More

Justice Salone style

The two faces of the poverty in Sierra Leone – the lack of health care and the lack of justice. We are conscious of the battering ram of needless deaths which demonstrate all too ably the terrible state of health … Read More

The beginning of a dream being fulfilled.

Interactive games for literacy learning. The teachers engage with a range of activities that they will be able to take back into class. Enjoying testing and timing each other. Long and short vowels games. In February this year Forut handed … Read More

Baby Deen’s ‘Pull na do’

Family Deen with their new family member: baby James [named after Dr James Boardman, co-founder and chairman of EducAid]. The EducAid family at the naming ceremony. Pastor Aruna Bangura prays for Baby James Deen. Mohamed Deen Tarawally has taught Economics … Read More

A privilege to work with some impressive women.

Sabrina of AdvocAid on the left. Dr Rugiatu of Amazonian Initiative Movement on the right. Teacher Esther, with three of her pupils, preserving their identities with their new certificates. Adama, now a free woman, signs her name for the first … Read More

NOA in action for EducAid

All in a great cause….. North Oxfordshire Academy have been fundraising for EducAid and here is some photographic evidence of just what that means! Congratulations and Thanks to All! Stunning! If you are interested in knowing more about EducAid’s work … Read More

Stark contrast!

Packing and checking in preparation for the great end of term despatch!. The gold certificate winners – each has been awarded at least 90 merits – Great Achievement!All the certificate recipients at the end of term assembly. Well done all!Looking … Read More

NOA dreaming and raising funds for EducAid!

North Oxfordshire Academy [NOA] have really entered into the spirit of cultural exchange and fundraising. Their relationship with EducAid is now in its 3rd year. The ICT staff hosted Jimiyke for several weeks during his trip to the UK earlier … Read More

Another traveller on his way ….

Happy traveller to be, Moses Tholley. Founder pupil, Moses Tholley, in his penultimate year of engineering studies at the Fourah Bay College, is on his way to Poland for a 6 month work experience placement. Having come close on several … Read More

Rolal construction – amazing feat!

The human conveyor belt and concrete mixers went into action once again and Rolal’s new Senior Secondary School has a new ceiling / first floor. An enormous team of water carriers, cooks, cement fetchers, concrete mixers, concrete shovelers, concrete passers, … Read More

What a team!

Great planning session with a transformed leadership team. From a group of self-constraining self-doubters the leadership team has metamorphosised into a dynamic team of people who are genuinely proud to be making a difference to their country through their work … Read More

I must be back in Sierra Leone

Grim skin lurgy 1. Grim skin lurgy 1 again. Grim skin lurgy 2. Grim skin lurgy 2 again. Days shared in almost equal parts between hope, despair, delight, beauty, sweat, dust, anger, sadness, frustration and awe. I must be back … Read More

Successful UK fundraising trip

We are just back from a very successful month of fund-raising in the UK. Successful because many new liaisons were made. Successful because many long-standing relationships have stood not only the test of time but also the test of the … Read More