Education on the move with EducAid!

So….since the declaration of the State of Emergency, there is a complete ban of all gatherings of more than five people except for going to church, or the mosque or ebola sensitisation meetings. One of the most significant consequences of … Read More

Dispelling Ebola Myths

Jungle trek across 4 flooded rivers, up hill and down dale to reach some of our more rural communities.  And what an emotional roller-coaster this one is. I can go from desperate sadness to frustrated anger to laughter to pride … Read More

Ebola, Education, EducAid

Ebola – what is the reality of the situation on the ground? For the last six months and more, ebola has been found infecting and causing the deaths of people in Guinea, Liberia and eventually Sierra Leone. What is ebola? … Read More

Issa Fowai – Civil Engineer

This is surely why we do what we do. When we have hard times, it is great to remember some of the highlights and Issa’s successes and attitude have to be among the best of those: Dear Miriam,I have finally … Read More

Photo Exhibition – Save the Date

Really happy to announce a photo exhibition organised by some of our most committed volunteers. The event includes a stunning photographic exhibition on EducAid’s work inSierra Leone, with a focus on the obstacles faced by girls and womenin the country. … Read More

Our World, Our Eyes, Our Imagination

In June and July 2012 the students of EducAid Lumley, EducAid Rolal and EducAid Maronka took part in a project to learn photography. The stories of their lives in Sierra Leone along with their ‘snaps’ have been published by one … Read More

Achieving their potential step by step

The new head girl and head boy addressing the assembly after their induction. Jaminatu Morie joined EducAid via the Women’s Project, our catch up education programme for secondary age girls who have not been allowed to go to school properly … Read More

Aminata Fofanah (20) RIP

Magbeni Village – Home for many years of Aminata Fofanah and her grandmother, Rugiatu Jah Aminata Fofanah, past pupil of Magbeni and Lumley from some years ago and grand-daughter of the nurse in Magbeni, Rugie Jah, had recently come back … Read More

Future Leaders of Sierra Leone Against Corruption

S.K. and Kabiru – Head boys of Lumley and Rolal respectively. Making the arrangements for the establishment of a chapter of FLSLAC in Lumley. Exciting new society developing in EducAid among the students.  Tired of the country’s corruption, they are … Read More

Calling all cyclists

Every year or so, EducAid organises a big sponsored bike ride.  It is generally fairly challenging, great fun and most importantly enormously rewarding because it can raise a good sum of money for us on our core activities: running schools, … Read More

2 out of 3 …….

STG and Wahid, two very impressive young men – amazing overcomers who are determined to be part of a new and reformed Sierra Leone A few years ago, we had a trio of bright lads who did everything together and … Read More

Patrick Horn in EducAid

Patrick Horn is a regular visitor to and supporter of EducAid.  He was with us at the end of last year and here is his write up in his own words in the Parbold Church newsletter: I spent three and … Read More