Programme Coordinators

School Site Coordinators

Lumley Site Coordinator

Emmanuel “Morgan” Bailay

Emmanuel has been with EducAid since 2006 and is a graduate from Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone, in History.

The Deputy Site Coordinator is Yousef Kamara.

Magbeni Site Coordinator

Mamadu Jalloh

Mamadu is a past EducAid pupil and studied at Magbeni during his time.




Mathele Bana, Mafoimba & Masorie Kargbo Site Coordinator

Idriss Bundu

The Site Coordinator for Mathele Bana, Mafoimba and Masorie Kargbo schools is Idriss Bundu.


Maronka Site Coordinator

Fatmata Bangura

The Site Coordinator is Fatmata Bangura; she has been with EducAid since 2003. Fatmata is currently doing a distance Higher Teachers’ Certificate course at the Port Loko Teachers College.

The Deputy Site Coordinator is SK.

Pate Bana Marank Site Coordinator

Alhaji Y Tholley

AYT is Site Coordinator for Pate Bana Marank.


Rolal Site Coordinator

Alhaji Aaron “AA” Kamara

AA has been with EducAid since 2005. He holds a Higher Teachers’ Certificate from Milton Margai College of Education and Technology in Social Studies & Government and is undertaking a part time degree course at the University of Makeni in Public Administration Management.

The Deputy Site Coordinator is Malikie “Leo” Barrie.

Quality Enhance Programme Coordinators

Primary QEP Coordinator

Amadu Jordan Kamara

Jordan is responsible for overseeing the Primary schools in the Quality Enhancement Programme.


JSS QEP Coordinator

Ezekiel Nonie

Ezekiel is responsible for overseeing the JSS schools in the Quality Enhancement Programme.

Cross-Cutting Coordinators

HR, Efficiency & Compliance Coordinator

Alimamy James “AJ” Kanu

AJ has been with EducAid for many years, and is one of our most senior and trusted staff.

PST Coordinator

Yayah Kamara

Yayah is a past student of EducAid, and graduated from IPAM with a first class degree in Business Administration. He now works in the Lumley Head Office coordinating the logistical and operations support for all school sites.

Finance Coordinator

Amadu Kamara

AK is not a past student of EducAid, but he has consistently demonstrated his dedication to EducAid’s way of working and values. He is a true EducAidian. AK works with Jack Robinson handling all fund income and programme expenditure in Sierra Leone.


Finance & Operations Controller

Jack Robinson

Jack joined EducAid in January 2017, working with AK and Yayah to dramatically improve the performance of the finance department. Jack studied and worked in the UK, working with Smith & Williamson, PwC and others before joining EducAid.

ICT Coordinator

Hamid “Tee” Tarawally

Tee is a past pupil of EducAid. Tee is studying a CCNA Routing and Switching course, both at SiliconPro in Freetown.


Commercial Studies

Abdul Karim “AKS” Sesay

The Coordinator is Abdul K Sesay. AKS holds a Higher Teachers Certificate from Port Loko Teachers’ College in Business Studies.


Curriculum & Science Coordinator

Gassim “Gaza” Sillah

Gaza has been with EducAid since 2007. He is currently undertaking a degree in Mining Technology on an evening course..


Our People

Miriam, Country Director

Erin, Chief Executive

UK Staff