Emergency Flood Appeal

Emergency Flood Update #1

Our Lumley school is in the middle of the flood disaster area in Freetown. There are as yet no known EducAid deaths in the recent flooding and mudslides, but several of our staff have lost their homes and everything they own. Some escaped, swimming for their lives, and are not allowed to return to their homes. These devastating floods have caused hundreds of deaths, made thousands homeless and will have on-going repercussions for days, weeks and months.

Our Lumley school is on the opposite side of the mountain from the mudslide, and no large landslides took place on our side of the slopes. The extraordinary flooding that took place on Monday did hit our side of the mountain and took hundreds unaware in the middle of the night, leaving them trapped inside their homes. Bodies are still being recovered from homes in neighbourhoods around Lumley where many of our pupils live. The situation is continuing to unfold hour-by-hour.

This latest disaster is part of a bigger picture of vulnerability in Sierra Leone. Many people in the country are often unaware of the human role in these climatic disasters, often exacerbated by deforestation, poor environmental management, and the risks of building in vulnerable areas. The least privileged in Sierra Leone have few options. We continue to believe that an educated population, which understands its rights and responsibilities, is an integral part of a long-term solution in a country where one of the most optimistic statistics indicates a 59% adult literacy rate. Education must be part of the solution.

Any funds raised through this appeal will be used to address the immediate needs of our staff most affected by this disaster. Any further funds will go towards our on-going fight to strengthen Sierra Leonean communities through education. Please visit https://mydonate.bt.com/events/emergencyfloodappeal/446398 for updates and please give what you can to help. Working through small organisations like EducAid will ensure maximum impact of your donation. We thank you for your generosity.

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