Video Editing

EducAid’s small team are multi-disciplinary and reasonably good at picking up new tools, but specific skills such as video editing can leave us coming up a little short. Marcus spent some time out in Sierra Leone in 2015 making a number of films for EducAid. The footage is of a good quality with a mix of interviews with good audio quality and pickups from around our schools, QEP partner schools and from around our communities; it’s all logged and ready for someone to sink their teeth in to. Unfortunately, despite a very generously reduced rate, we can’t afford to make lots of short, engaging videos to use on our online channels. We’d love for someone to just spend a week or two getting their hands on the files and really letting loose all the quality stories that are stored in there.

If you are an experienced, or even an enthusiastic amateur, and would like to work with our footage to make some films for us we have all the assets on our cloud storage, and we’d be able to get it over to you in a jiffy. We’ve already got some good ideas that we’d like to work in to films, but always ready to hear more. Working with our staff, students and their stories can be incredibly exciting, and incorporating some of our rich media in to our online presence would really do justice to what we achieve in Sierra Leone.

If you think that you would enjoy this project, working at home or in our lovely King’s Cross offices, please do drop Marcus a line by clicking here.


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