Web Development

EducAid’s small team are multi-disciplinary and reasonably good at picking up new tools, but specific skills such as web development can leave us coming up a little short. We hope you agree that our website is reasonably functional but there is definitely room for improvement!

If you were an experienced web developer who had worked with customising WordPress themes we’d love to hear from you. We’ve put quite a lot of work in to getting the content up-to-scratch, but there is so much of our story that we just can’t tell because we lack the functionality. Working with our staff, students and their stories can be incredibly exciting, and incorporating some of our rich media in to our online presence would really do justice to what we achieve in Sierra Leone.

We don’t expect that customising the theme would take very long, and just short handover – in person or by Skype – would be all we need to figure out any new page design and administration, but it would have a dramatic impact in how we are able to promote ourselves online.

If you think that you would enjoy this project, working at home or in our lovely King’s Cross offices, please do drop Marcus a line by clicking here.


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