Our Schools & Learning System

Being an EducAidian

The family bond that exists within our schools is palpable to those who visit, and to us it’s one of our most important tools to deliver a quality education. With so many of our students living with us as ‘home girls’ and ‘home boys’, the culture that breeds within our schools is essential to our students achieving the top grades that they aspire to. The fact that 89% of our teachers are past students, and the presence of our residential students mean, in reality, we are much more than just a school – we are a big family.

EducAid is a big organisation, and it is further complicated by being spread over 8 different school sites, separated by more than 230km of road. These distances provide huge logistical, communication and administrative challenges. The hub of our programmes is Maronka, Port Loko, the most populous district of EducAid’s operations, whilst our Finance and Programme Support Teams are based in Lumley, Freetown.



The School System in Sierra Leone

The Sierra Leonean school system breaks down in to three tiers: Primary, Junior Secondary and Senior Secondary. Primary students sit National Primary School Examinations (NPSE); Junior Secondary students sit Basic Education Certificate Examinations (BECE); whilst Senior Secondary students sit the West African Senior School Certificate Examinations (WASSCE). We have 8 schools sites, but some of these sites have a mixture of Primary, Junior Secondary and Senior Secondary schools.



Recent Achievements in our Schools


Our Learning System and Initiatives

It is difficult to explain the buzz around EducAid schools. The passion for learning is tangible and, in contrast to many other schools in Sierra Leone, the students are confident, erudite and engaged. Students are not perturbed by the presence of new people, particularly people from other countries, rather they are keen to talk and to learn from them. This is one of the reasons why we count staff members of our strategic partners – those who really understand development education – amongst our donors. If you are an educationalist anywhere in the world, you should come and pay a visit to EducAid: there is something special going on here.

This sense of uniqueness is not a happy accident. It comes from a careful, considered commitment to our values and from years of experience in working with the most underprivileged youth in Sierra Leone.



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