Job Opportunities

The way that we work at EducAid is fairly unique in Sierra Leone, and within the development community as a whole. What makes EducAid special is our students’ and staff’s commitment both to the EducAid Vision and to the EducAid Values. Both the Vision and the Values are taught theoretically and practically throughout our students’ education. In addition, our ways of working – our learning system, our shared leadership management principles, our Every Voice Counts initiative and other value-specific holistic interventions – make it far easier to recruit from our own graduates than from outside of EducAid.


This recruitment policy has multiple positive outcomes for EducAid: our training programme is significantly more straightforward because our prospective staff are familiar with all the above ways of working; we have an experience of working with these students and know their strengths and weaknesses, and; we have an opportunity to increase the longevity of our impact with a particular individual, providing professional skills and training as well as ongoing accommodation and subsistence.


A variety of opportunities

We have many different job roles within EducAid. Typically we will ask junior staff to begin their career in teaching; it’s important that all staff members understand the educational and administrative roles that our teachers are responsible for, and often they will continue teaching as part of their role throughout their career in EducAid. Other roles within EducAid could be within the Finance office, the Programme Support Team, HR, Compliance or ICT. We have a wide range of opportunities with which to interest our graduates and prepare them for careers after EducAid.


Sustainability through recruitment

Additionally, EducAid is committed to ensuring that our work is sustainable, and we are always training up our staff ready to take over the operation in future years. Part of this commitment is to keep our international programme and operational staff to an absolute minimum, ensuring that the operational and educational tasks are undertaken and managed by Sierra Leoneans. Take a look at our staff breakdown below: