Business Administration & Management Course

Our Business Administration & Management Course is run in partnership with the University of Makeni, one of the leading and most progressive universities in Sierra Leone. We devised this course in response to a number of our students wanting access to tertiary courses but finding the barriers to entry too high. The majority of university courses are full-time, come with high administrative and educational costs, and in many institutions are of a very low quality. Our course – better known as the Leadership Course – is geared to address all of these issues:



Opportunity Cost

One of the greatest barriers to taking a tertiary course is the opportunity cost. Full-time courses mean that students can only work partially and rely on family members to support their educational and living costs.

Our course is covered over 14 intensive weekends, allowing for students to continue working throughout.


Admin Cost

Another barrier to tertiary education is the actual cost of the course. University administration costs and course costs can prove too much for some students.

Our course is run on our sites which removes much of the administrative costs. We do not charge any course fees which enables us to keep the overall cost very low for students.


Educational Cost

In Sierra Leonean universities, as with most universities around the world, there is a cost for educational materials: books, readers etc.

At EducAid, we provide all course materials to students to minimise the cost of access.



EducAid has developed its curriculum with some of the top University lecturers from Sierra Leone and around the world. These lecturers travel to our Rolal site to deliver the course in person.

We believe that our mix of domestic and international lecturers provide some of the best quality tertiary education in the country.

The curriculum

We have devised our curriculum in order to develop a range of analytical and problem-solving skills to enable students to lead their department or organisation, manage the staff in their charge, provide a futures and values led management and portray themselves inside and outside of the organisation as a competent professional.

 1 Professional Standards
 2  Communication
 3  Human Rights Alignment
 4  Relationship Management
 5  Futures Led Leadership
 6  Values Led and Reflective Leadership
 7  Financial Management
 8  University Studies & Social Research Methods
 9  Fundamental Ethics & Phenomenology of Religion
 10  ICT & Mathematics
 11  Restoring African Institutions
 12  Logic and Critical Thinking
 13  Creative Thinking
 14  Conflict Resolution


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