Tertiary Sponsorship

Tertiary sponsorship has been a part of EducAid’s staff development provision for a number of years. Predominantly we try to support staff members to go through the the Higher Teaching Certificate (HTC), however we recognise that some of our staff members do not wish to become teachers, and EducAid has many other roles that we can fill.

A variety of opportunities

We have many different job roles within EducAid. Typically we will ask junior staff to begin their career in teaching; it’s important that all staff members understand the educational and administrative roles that our teachers are responsible for, and often they will continue teaching as part of their role throughout their career in EducAid. Other roles within EducAid could be within the Finance office, the Programme Support Team, HR, Compliance or ICT. We have a wide range of opportunities with which to interest our graduates and prepare them for careers after EducAid.

Changing sponsorship

EducAid does not often sponsor these students directly; rather, we connect them with individual donors who are interested in sponsoring students specifically. We are planning to change the way that we support our sponsored students. Rather than connecting students with individual donors, we will be asking interested donors to put their support in to a fund. We will then ask sponsored students to apply for that fund; this will enable us to manage the way in which sponsorships are given to our staff members and for us to more accurately manage the costs. If you would be interested in sponsoring tertiary education, please drop us a line by clicking here.

Past sponsored students

This is just a selection of students which have graduated recently. In total more than 60 students have graduated from tertiary education programmes during EducAid’s history.


Yayah Kamara

Yayah graduated from IPAM in April 2017 with a first class degree in Business Administration. He now works in the Lumley Head Office coordinating the logistical and operations support for all school sites.

Alphà Alhàji Bangura

Alpha is currently studying Electrical engineering at Université Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah in Morocco. He hopes to return to assist EducAid in our work, and then to have a career harnessing his skills in electrical engineering.


Augustine Bundor

Augustine is EducAid’s first medical doctor. Augustine graduated in January 2017; he is currently in placement, but one day hopes to set up a health service to provide free medical support to EducAid staff and students.

Isata Kamara

Isata graduated from the University of Makeni with a degree in Development Studies in 2016. Isata is now heading up our cross-cutting women’s education programme, delivering information on women’s rights, safeguarding and reporting.


Fatmata Barrie

Fatmata is studying on an ACCA accounting course at the Financial Institute of Accounting in Freetown. Fatmata is working within the Finance office in EducAid Lumley.

Amadu Kamara

AK is studying on an ACCA accounting course at the Financial Institute of Accounting in Freetown. Fatmata is working within the Finance office in EducAid Lumley.

 Alusine Barrie

Alusine graduated with a Higher Teaching Certificate from the Port Loko Teachers’ College. Alusine is now Coordinator for the JSS QEP and investigating further studies in the field of Economics.


Musa Bundu

Musa completed his CISCO Networking course at SiliconPro in Freetown in 2016. He is now head of the ICT department at EducAid and is in the process of developing an ICT curriculum for our students.

 Mamie J Mansaray

Mamie J graduated from Port Loko Teachers’ College with a Higher Teaching Certificate. Mamie J is now Site Coordinator at Magbenteh school in Makeni.

 Haja Gbla

Haja graduated with a Higher Teaching Certificate from Port Loko Teachers’ College. Now Haja is a teacher in Lumley and is responsible for women’s welfare and support at the school.