A Day in the Life of an EducAid Volunteer

By Zeinab Makki   In celebration of Volunteers’ Week (1st to 7th June), Zeinab Makki interviews one of EducAid’s most frequent volunteers, retired biology teacher, Ken Hall.     “You meet young people with a drive and passion for doing … Read More

Gladys Mansaray – Lawyer in the Making!

I am Gladys Mansaray, a third year LLB Honours student at the University of Makeni (UniMak).  I went to the EducAid Secondary School in 2009.  Before 2009, it was really not easy for my parents to pay my school fees.  … Read More

Space to learn & live & love

Space to learn & live & love Contribution to the Blog Series: Space2Learn.edublogs.org The conventional wisdom is that the best place for any child growing up is in their family.  In an ideal world, where that family is financially stable … Read More

September 2017 at EducAid

September was an eventful month for everyone at EducAid. Teachers and staff gathered together for training and meetings before welcoming the children back into the classroom on 11th September. This was no small achievement after the devastation of August’s mudslide and … Read More

Mitigating Poverty

  MITIGATING POVERTY — Solving poverty is not the prerogative of educators but equalizing every student’s opportunity for success in the classroom is. Part of The Global Teachers Blog series ‘The GEM Report provides an authoritative account of how education … Read More

Education is the answer. What’s the question?

Education is the answer. What’s the question? Sierra Leone has had a traumatic and traumatising few decades. I have been involved with this beautiful country since before my first visit in 1997. Since then, we have seen coups, the ending … Read More

Emergency Flood Appeal

Emergency Flood Update #1 Our Lumley school is in the middle of the flood disaster area in Freetown. There are as yet no known EducAid deaths in the recent flooding and mudslides, but several of our staff have lost their … Read More

Dr. Véronique Desnain – EducAid Trustee

  Dr. Véronique Desnain is one of the newest members of our Board of Trustees. Véronique is an educationalist: a senior lecturer at the University of Edinburgh, and a long-term friend of Miriam and of EducAid. In April 2017, Véronique travelled … Read More

Exploring Genius Time in Schools

Companies like Google allow employees to spend “20% time” – that is 20% of their time working independently (on concepts they think will most benefit Google) – the goal being to inspire creativity and innovation.   Some significant advances have happened … Read More