More memorials

The differences in cultures is nowhere easier to see, between Europe and Africa, than in the bereavement process. To my mind a significant contributor to many families’ poverty is the amount of money that has to be spent on burying … Read More

Tertiary difficulties

The problems at the tertiary institutions continue apace but we still somehow or other need to be fighting that while continuing to push to get as many of our students in as we possibly can. This year we have managed … Read More

Mike in Berlin

More goodwill and support from outside Sierra Leone. While the Paris to Brussels cyclists were training and foraging for funds to complete their bike ride, my very dear friend, Mike, was training for his first marathon. One week after we … Read More

Is it progress or not?

The Human Development Reports [Annual reports prepared by the United Nations] for 2009 are out. Last year, Sierra Leone was 179th out of 179 countries on the Human Development Index i.e. the poorest country in the world. The HDI … Read More

Admissions madness

Admissions with a difference in EducAid Lumley, Freetown! Ground floor – Last minute revision before the final, final entrance exam. Middle floor – continuing Junior Secondary students. Top floor – Continuing Senior Secondary students. Each year, the whole admissions process … Read More

We were initially disappointed but…..

5th in the country in the WASSCE [West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination] this year! …………. We still don’t have the full picture as the overall results have not been sent to the schools yet, but a few of our … Read More

The team rallies round

Saturday morning, when school kids all over the world enjoy a bit of a lie in and some time out…. EducAid Lumley was action stations. No dragooning, no Alhassan directing proceedings. There was a last minute request and they sorted … Read More

A great idea

I just thought I would share with you about something positive that we have been fortunate to benefit from. The inspiration of Kate Humble [of Bradt Travel Guides], the www.stuff your website enables goodwilled travellers to go on their … Read More

Beginning again…..

I have not been away from Sierra Leone for this long [5 weeks] since Kofi was born. It is very comforting to note how well the leadership team and the staff in general have developed since then. Lots of excellent … Read More

And Counting…

Early Friday morning. The bikes are in situ en France. We are waiting for the taxi to take us to a ‘silly o’clock’ Eurostar and then off we all go. 50 people aiming to raise a sizable amount for EducAid. … Read More

D-day approaches fast

Plenty of adrenaline coursing through the veins of many a Paris-Brussels participant and supporter. Phil, the bike man, had no space in his shop this morning for all the bikes he was MOTing and making safe. Janet B has not … Read More

Thank You All, Once Again!

What a day! When people suggested that I organise a memorial service for Alhassan in the UK, having already undergone one funeral, I was not greatly excited at the prospect. However, Saturday’s turnout was really quite moving. It was a … Read More

Dress Code

Somebody asked me the other day if they should dress in black for Alhassan’s memorial service tomorrow. It will not be a fun occasion, but please let us not make it any more dismal than it already is. Sierra Leonean … Read More

Balancing the bad with the good

I have always maintained that if I look too often at the big picture in Sierra Leone, I would be so daunted that I would pack my bags and go home, but what keeps me sane and keeps me going … Read More

Cycling Preparations Continue

3 weeks to D-day. Despite my previous confusion, and therefore incorrect information, the EducAid fundraising bike ride will start in the early hours of Friday 11th September in Paris and, 180 miles later, will finish on Sunday 13th September in … Read More

A Fitting Memorial

Many people have asked about sending flowers in Alhassan’s memory. While the thought is greatly appreciated, Kofi and I will not be around to enjoy them and their beauty is quickly gone. I know that Alhassan would greatly appreciate those … Read More

Memorial Service in UK

Just to let people know that we will be holding a memorial mass for Alhassan in Brixton at the Roman Catholic Corpus Christi Church on Saturday, 5th September at 10:30 a.m. If you are able to join us to pray … Read More

Almost Relentless Bad News

So…. Alhassan died on Thursday, 6th August, aged 36. Emmanuel Bailay, senior teacher in Lumley, lost his sister on Saturday, 8th August, aged 22. Mani Abu, senior teacher in Rolal, lost his brother, Thursday, 13th August, aged 40. Ahmed Nyandemoh, … Read More