Our Objectives

EducAid has always been more focussed on the impact of the change we make than on the number of people that we work with. We would prefer to have a major impact on a few than to have a minor impact on many; it is our vision to create a democratic, dignified and prosperous Sierra Leone, where poverty is eliminated by educated citizens. We develop our programmes to ensure that we are focussing our efforts and resources best to achieve this.

EducAid set out to achieve a list of objectives from its inception. As we have developed – from a sponsorship programme in 1994, to 20 students gathered under a tree in 2000, to a full-scale primary through tertiary educational network – we have refined and developed these objectives. The objectives directly tackle the biggest challenges that Sierra Leone faces in achieving the vision that we have set ourselves, and they are addressed in every programme that we undertake.

When we are asked the question ‘what does EducAid do’ we don’t just think about the programmes that we run. Rather, we think about what we are undertaking to improve the issues that relate to these objectives, and in turn to take this country closer to our vision.

So that you can explore our work in the same way that we think about them, we have brought together all of the different ways in which we tackle our objectives throughout our programmes. You can explore our programmes in relation to our objectives by clicking on one of the links below.




Of course, running 10 school sites across the country, a national teacher training programme, as well as our first stride in to tertiary education means that we have lots to say about our programmes as well. You can find out more about these by visiting our Programmes page.