Almost too much excitement!

Gaza’s team – Rice for the hungry winners of the intertutor group football league
Once a year, the timetable relaxes a little and, having worked hard together all year, we have a week of short school days followed by inter-tutor football matches followed by a staff match and the school outing to the beach.
Last week was the week and everyone took full advantage of the slower pace. Much fun was had by all!

EducAid Lumley – School Outing
DJ Ndola.
The ‘Cogent Boys’ & the ‘Excellent Crew’ in their outing finery.
Isata, having a break from the dancing.
Thomas Darboh, set for a good time.
Hannah, ready for the party.
Musa Bundu, all smiles.
And then to top it all, AA and I were invited to pop and see how the other half live. We went to a ‘Mardi Gras Charity Ball’ held to raise funds for a number of Freetown charities, including EducAid.
The Mardi Gras Charity Ball at the Country Lodge’.
AA exchanges Magbeni for the Country Lodge.

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