Bad timing on the Icelandic Ash!

So tempting to ask, ‘Why me?!!!!’ but it is me + how many thousand [million??? not sure] others.

The teacher training materials for the 2nd module are finished today and I should be on a plane out of the heat and the very confused dry / rainy season that has started here! but No!!!
Icelandic volcanic ash has it in for my fundraising plans, and I am still here!
Whenever I do get out though, the programme will be left in very good hands. It feels like a significant step in the right direction that I can leave 1400 youngsters pursuing their education and 50 odd staff supervising them across 4 schools and be confident that nothing wildly out of order will happen and not be appropriately handled or that any significant momentum drop will occur while I am away. This has to be the bottom line for real development, that it can all happen with or without a western presence.
It was a battle to get the Leadership Team to believe that they would not be sacked for trying to nick my job if they showed initiative – the traditional response to any signs of original thinking, taking responsibility or otherwise admirable employee behaviour!
Now, there is not a great worry about what will happen when I am away fundraising in the UK. The leadership team are more than able to handle the day to day running of the school and to take initiatives to deal with arising issues! Success, by my estimation anyway.
The more than competent leadership team in Lumley.

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