Balancing the bad with the good

I have always maintained that if I look too often at the big picture in Sierra Leone, I would be so daunted that I would pack my bags and go home, but what keeps me sane and keeps me going is the little picture – the individuals who make such good use of the opportunities given to them.

If ever that was true before, it is definitely true now. I am incredibly daunted at the thought of going back to Sierra Leone without my rock, my protector, my guide….. but it is still true that the little picture makes it possible.
One little picture: Today, Issa Fowai, our second student to gain a scholarship to China for tertiary studies left Freetown. He was in competition with over 70 other youngsters in Sierra Leone and is the only one to have been selected. We are very proud of him and all that he has achieved. We wish him all the very best in the coming 5 years.

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