EducAid’s Social Media Round Up : September and October 2022

Welcome to EducAid’s social media round up for September and October 2022.

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Thursday 1 September
September means #BackToSchool! In many countries around the World, children are getting ready to go back to their classrooms:

1 September: France 🇫🇷
5 September: Sierra Leone 🇸🇱
12 September: Turkey 🇹🇷
13 September: Ghana 🇬🇭
When is school beginning in your country?
#Education #SierraLeone #BackToSchool

Friday 2 September
The Sierra Leone Education Innovation Challenge (SLEIC) has officially launched! The SLEIC is the world’s largest education outcomes funding programme.
EducAid is excited to be one of 5 providers. We will work with 65 schools, serving more than 20,000 students.

Monday, 5 September
EducAid encourages its students not only to do well in school, but also to do good within their communities. On International Day of Charity, we want to celebrate all the children and young people who know the value of solidarity and compassion, and who are ready to give a helping hand to others.
#InternationalDayofCharity #charity #solidarity #education #EducAid #SierraLeone

Monday 5 September
Happy 1st Day of School from EducAid Maronka Primary School! Link to a video of the first day of school in Maronka.

Tuesday 6 September
It’s Behind the Scenes Tuesday! Today we talk about Emmanuel, or as we call him EBT, our Site Coordinator in Lumley.
EBT was born and raised in Kambia district. Following advice from a family friend, in 2008 he enrolled at EducAid Lumley school. He completed SSS, passed his WASSCE and then started volunteering for EducAid while completing his bachelor degree at the Institute of Public Administration and Management of the University of Sierra Leone, where he graduated with honours.
As most of EducAid’s staff, EBT covers different roles. He is the head of school, he oversees all EducAid’s activities on site and teaches Economics in SSS. When the need arises, he also teaches other subjects related to economics and mathematics. EBT is an excellent team player and believes that teamwork is essential to motivate people to do their best and to make sure that no one is left behind.
“When I was appointed as Site Coordinator in Lumley three years ago, I felt a lot of pressure because the site had a long track record of successful students’ performances at school exams. I am proud to say that my team and I managed to maintain those standards. Over the years, my team has been nothing short of amazing in their collaboration, support, and inspiration.”
EBT is committed to contribute to the development of Sierra Leone through education. “Education is strategic to build stronger economies and improve the quality of life. I have been to the most marginalised communities in Sierra Leone, and I can see the difference between being educated or not. Education gives people the opportunity to participate in society and access employment. Thanks to my education, I have a fulfilling job that allows me to sustain myself and my family. It was not easy to leave my village and my family as a young man to come to study in Freetown, but I am proud of where I am now, and I do not regret that choice.”

Tuesday 6 September

When you love your job & you really want to make a difference: Cluster mentor Sheku JP Sannoh has spent the last few days making replicable learning games & resources so he can easily demonstrate changed strategies to the teachers he supports😌 #TogetherWeCan #EducAidIsTheAnswer #EducAidAlwaysLeading 🇸🇱

Thursday 8 September
It’s International Literacy Day! Today and every day, EducAid promotes basic literacy and numeracy for all.
Literacy creates opportunities for people to develop skills that can lift them out of poverty, it facilitates employment and therefore supports economic development. It is estimated that infant mortality decreases 9% for every year of education attained by the mothers (UNESCO, 2010). Literacy improves self-esteem because it empowers women and men to take control of their lives.
#InternationalLiteracyDay #education #EducAid #SierraLeone #womenliteracy #girlseducation #educationforall

Thursday 8 September

International Literacy Day is the perfect date to launch EducAid’s Book Club!

Our first title is “The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind” by William Kamkwamba and Bryan Mealer. It is the uplifting story of how one boy’s brilliant idea can light up the world against all odds. When a terrible drought struck William’s village in Malawi, his family was left with no crops to eat and to sell. Instead of losing hope, William began reading science books at his village library, and found a solution that changed his life and the lives of the villagers. The heroic young inventor built a windmill out of junkyard scraps to pump the water his family needed to farm the land.

Tuesday 20 September
It’s Behind the Scenes Tuesday! Today the spotlight is on Zainab, EducAid’s Equality Coordinator.
Zainab attended senior secondary school at EducAid Lumley and obtained her bachelor’s degree in Applied Accounting at the Institute of Public Administration and Management of the University of Sierra Leone. She has been working for EducAid for eight years in different capacities, and today she teaches Commerce in Lumley as well as covering the key role of Equality Coordinator. Her aspiration for the future is to enroll in a master’s degree programme.
As Equality Coordinator, Zainab manages all activities related to the promotion of gender equality within EducAid’s schools and communities. These activities include Girl Power Groups and the White Ribbon Campaigns. At the Girl Power Groups, girls are encouraged to achieve their full potential through education. They also find a safe space to learn about sexual and reproductive health and how to prevent, respond to and report gender-based violence. The White Ribbon Campaigns focus on boys, in an endeavour to sensitise them on gender-related issues and shifting social behaviours to build together more equal communities.
“The most difficult thing is to change the mindset of the girls who are raised to think that their place is in the kitchen”, says Zainab. “I want to see the change. I want to see women take the lead without asking the permission of men. I want to see something different from how I was raised. My mother was submitted, in our community women had no power, no right to speak up. I want things to be different for these girls. They are the future of the nation.”
Zainab is also coordinating the publication of EducAid’s Equality Newsletter to share news about activities promoting gender equality across EducAid’s programmes and to continue advocating for gender equality in schools and communities in Sierra Leone.

Wednesday 21 September
Happy days as Samson leads the Rolal team in implementing their #GreenOurSchool action plan #TogetherWeCan #OneTreePerStudent 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼🇸🇱🇸🇱🇸🇱📚📚📚💚💚💚

Wednesday 21 September

Today is the International Day of Peace, also known as World Peace Day. It is a day devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace and end violence among all nations and peoples.
On this day, the UN urges for a cease-fire in all combat zones and invites everyone everywhere to observe 24 hours of non-violence.
EducAid promotes a culture of peace and non-violence in the schools and in the communities that is achieved through education, respect of diversity and dialogue.
#EducAid #SierraLeone #education #InternationalDayofPeace #WorldPeaceDay #nonviolence #peace #respect #diversity
Thursday 22 September
Have you already heard about STEM Education?
STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, but STEM Education means more than simply educating students in those four disciplines. STEM is an interdisciplinary and applied approach designed to meet our world’s constant need for innovation.
At EducAid, we believe in the importance of STEM education to equip girls and boys with problem-solving skills to then solve real-world problems in the future.
 #STEMeducation #EducAid #SierraLeone #education

Sunday 25 September

Some people enjoy playing football, others prefer to watch the game. What is your favourite weekend activity?
#EducAid #SierraLeone #weekend #sport #weekendactivities

Tuesday 27 September
It’s officially official! EducAid Rolal placed in the top ten for the West African Senior Secondary Certificate Exam (WASSCE) this year and is the highest performing school in the northwest region of Sierra Leone.
Well done, Rolal!

Tuesday 27 September

It’s Behind the Scenes Tuesday! Today we talk about Isatu, our Strong Girl Incubator (SGI) acting coordinator.
Through the SGI, EducAid supports girls and young women who have dropped out of school to re-enter mainstream school. The project helps them not only acquire the necessary knowledge and skills, but also provides them with a safe space to learn more about topics that can affect their wellbeing. In SGI classes, girls and young women discuss about gender-based violence, FGM, early marriage and other topics related to their sexual and reproductive health. One of their favourite activities is the shero talk, where each student prepares a presentation about their female hero.
When she was younger, Isatu herself benefitted from EducAid’s Women Project to return to mainstream school and complete secondary education. The Women Project then became the SGI, and Isatu was very happy and proud to join as teacher of literacy and numeracy. She is also passionate about leading discussions that help her students build their confidence and mentor them when they need guidance. Isatu is also a teacher of Religious and Moral Education in JSS. A few weeks ago, she was appointed SGI acting coordinator and she hopes that this will become a permanent role.
“I want to take on more responsibilities and this project is very important to me. As a girl, I faced so many challenges and this experience helps me relate to the girls. I love working close to them and I hope to be a role model. My favourite moment is when we discuss a topic sitting in a circle, and a new girl stands up for the first time to share her opinion with the group. In that moment I know that we are succeeding in building her confidence”.

#EducAid #SierraLeone #BehindTheScenesTuesday #GirlsEducation #GirlsEmpowerment

Wednesday 28 September

Mabinty co-recorded 300+ radio lessons for @LeoneTeaching national broadcast & now look! Hard work pays off! She’s done a fantastic job in her WASSCE (part of top ten school #EducAidRolal)
#EducAidAlwaysClimbing #EducationIsTheAnswer @dsengeh
Thursday 29 September
It is time for EducAid’s Bookclub!
“The Forest of the Future” by Margaret Muthee is a magical tale of friendship, understanding and respect for nature. Through this story, the author wants to help children understand climate change and the impact it has not just on the environment, but also on people across the world.
#EducAid #education #SierraLeone #EducAidBookClub #bookclub

Sunday 2 October
Black History Month is observed in Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America to remember important people and events in the history of the African diaspora and foster an understanding of Black history, heritage, and culture. It is celebrated annually in Canada and the US during February, and in the UK in October.
The theme for Black History Month 2022 in the UK is “Time for Change: Actions Not Words”. It means that although it is important to learn from the past, we need action to improve the future and achieve a better world for everyone.
On Black History Month, EducAid wants to celebrate the achievements and contributions of some iconic women and men of Sierra Leonean heritage. Follow us to read their inspiring stories and share them with your family and friends.

Tuesday 4 October
The mission of World Animal Day is to increase awareness on animal welfare around the globe and work together to create a world where animals are always recognised as sentient beings and respected as such.
In 2019, the government declared the chimpanzee as the National Animal of Sierra Leone. Visitors can take a tour of the Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary, a globally recognised conservation model not far from Freetown, to see these endangered animals and learn more about environmental preservation, and what we can all do to protect our national animal.
#WorldAnimalDay #EndangeredAnimals #SierraLeone #Chimpanzee #Tacugama #TacugamaChimpanzeeSanctuary #Education #Environment

Wednesday 5 October
Today we celebrate our teachers! This year the theme of World Teachers’ Day is “The transformation of education begins with teachers”. It is an opportunity for us to recognise the role of teachers as change-makers and reflect on the support they need to fully deploy their talent and vocation.
EducAid provides professional development opportunities to teachers across Sierra Leone to enable them to develop the knowledge and skills they need to give children and young people the power of education.
“I touch the future, I teach” – Christa McAuliffe
#WorldTeacherDay #Education #EducAid

Thursday 6 October
Only a few days left until the World Premiere of the “We are like diamonds” song video featuring Saidat and the EducAid girls. So exciting!

#EducAid #Education #girlseducation #equality #WeAreLikeDiamonds
#IDG #SierraLeone

Friday 7 October
On Black History Month, we want to remember the story of Sengbe Pieh, the courageous leader of the revolt that took place on the slave ship La Amistad in 1839. His story greatly inspired the abolitionist movement that campaigned for the end of slavery and the Atlantic Slave Trade.
Known also as Joseph Cinqué, he was a Mende rice farmer and trader born in present-day Sierra Leone. Pieh was captured and sold into slavery. Bought with another 52 men, women and children by two Spanish plantation owners, he freed himself and others from their shackles on the ship that was taking them to Porto Principe, Cuba. He took over the ship and attempted sailing back to Africa, but after two months at sea La Amistad was seized by the U.S. authorities and Senge Pieh and the surviving African captives were tried for mutiny and killing officers on the ship. The case reached the U.S. Supreme Court, where Sengbe Pieh and the others were found to have rightfully defended themselves from being enslaved and were released. In 1841 Sengbe Pieh and the other captives returned to Sierra Leone.
#EducAid #education #blackhistorymonth #blackhistory #BHM #SierraLeone #africa

Saturday 8 October
Only 3 days to go!
Next Tuesday EducAid will premiere its girl power song “We Are Like Diamonds” written, played and produced by musician and educator Steve Revington with award-winning community leader and children entertainer Saidat on lead vocals. The song and its video highlight the plight and potential of girls in Sierra Leone and everywhere in the world. The video features girls from Sierra Leone, Kenya and South Africa.
This exceptional event will be a platform to raise funds for EducAid’s Strong Girls Incubator (SGI), an accelerated learning programme that empowers girls to enter mainstream schooling confident and competent to achieve their full potential.
#EducAid #education #SierraLeone #girlseducation #SGI #girlsempowerment

Monday 10 October
Mental health should be a global priority. In too many countries in the world, the services, skills and funding available for mental health are still in short supply. Also, stigma and discrimination continue to be a barrier to access to the right care. Exposure to violence, deprivation and other adverse childhood experiences can have devastating impact on the life of children and young people, their learning and their achievements.
At EducAid, we value, promote and protect the mental health of our students by providing safe spaces where they can discuss issues that affect their wellbeing and learn more about self-care. Our mentors provide guidance, motivation and emotional support. Our activities include peer support systems to foster socialisation and allow children and young people to build social relationships. These relationships have a positive effect on mental health because they improve self-esteem and empathy.
#WorldMentalHealthDay #EducAid #SierraLeone #Education #MentalHealth

Tuesday 11 October
This year we commemorate the 10th anniversary of the International Day of the Girl.
In these last 10 years there has been an increased global attention on the challenges girls face and on the promotion of their human rights. Yet, girls around the world are confronted with gender-based violence, early marriages, exploitation, and the denial of their right to education and employment opportunities.
EducAid’s Strong Girl Incubator (SGI) helps girls to access secondary school and demonstrate that with education they can become the changemakers driving progress in their communities. Our girls, and thousands of girls around the world, show us every day that given the skills and opportunities they can move mountains. Girls are ready to be the leaders of tomorrow, it is time for us all to invest in their potential.
#EducAid #education #girlseducation #SierraLeone #InternationalDayOfTheGirl #equality #girlsempowerment #SGI

Tue, 11 Oct – Live posts from EducAid’s song premiere event

Thursday 13 October
Listen up o!!!
Look at the great support EducAid received from so many supporters (see those logos!!).
Yesterday, thanks to the amazing team of women, led by the extremely kind Randa, the energetic Sachi, creative Niharika Harish and supported by so many others, we had the most extraordinary evening to celebrate International Girls Day.
This evening I get to tell the story of the song and video (created by Steve & Saidat) we were premiering at the British High Commissioner’s residence on Afriradio.
At 7pm we start on 105.3 fm and connected stations across the country.
#StrongGirlsIncubator 💚💃🏽💚💃🏽💚💃🏽

Thu, 13 Oct – Repost from the event from the UK in SL (video)

Thursday 13 October
On Black History Month, we don’t want to look only at the past, but we want to share the stories of people who inspire us today.
Michaela DePrince is one of the world’s premier ballerinas. Born in 1995 as Mabinty Bangura to a Sierra Leonean family, she lost her parents during the war and was abandoned in an orphanage. Her early years were very difficult. She was often mistreated and called the “devil’s child” because of her vitiligo, a skin condition causing white spots on her body. At the age of four Michaela De Prince was adopted by an American family and taken to the United States. Before leaving Sierra Leone, she saw a magazine at the orphanage, featuring a ballerina in a beautiful tutu. At that moment, she fell in love with ballet. In the United States, her parents enrolled her in ballet classes and supported her passion. Her innate talent and intense training made her achieve her dream of becoming a professional ballerina.
After featuring in the documentary “First Position” and performing on the TV show “Dancing with the Stars”, Michaela DePrince joined the Dance Theatre of Harlem, where she was the youngest member of the company. She debuted professionally at the age of 17 and, a year later, she joined the Dutch National Ballet, where she was the only dancer of African origin. In a few years she became a soloist known worldwide. In 2021, she joined the Boston Ballet.
Time Magazine included Michaela DePrince in its list of Inspiring Women in the World in 2013. Since 2016, she has been ambassador for War Child Holland. She is very active in advocating for the rights of children affected by violence and armed conflict.
#EducAid #education #blackhistorymonth #blackhistory #BHM #SierraLeone #africa #michaeladeprince

Thursday 13 October
We are hiring!
EducAid is looking for an Assistant Accountant based in Sierra Leone. If interested, please email your CV and cover letter by 19 October to
In your cover letter, please answer these questions:
· Why is the Assistant Accountant role important to EducAid and its students?
· Why are you the best candidate for this role?
Full job description available on our LinkedIn page
Female candidates are encouraged to apply. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.
#EducAid #jobopportunity #accountingjobs #accountant #charityjobs

Monday 17 October

International Day of the Eradication of Poverty we want to acknowledge the struggle of millions of people living in poverty and recognise the shared responsibility we hold to fight against poverty.
When children living in poverty drop out of school so they can work, they do not develop the skills they need to create opportunities for themselves. This means that without help, a poor child often grows to become a poor adult who is likely to give birth and raise poor children. According to UNESCO, if all students in low-income countries had basic reading skills, an estimated 171 million people could escape extreme poverty. If all adults completed secondary education, we could cut the global poverty rate by more than half.
EducAid provides education opportunities to underprivileged young people to break the cycle of poverty and create a more dignified Sierra Leone. We believe in education as the best long-term investment to fight poverty and ensure economic growth.
#EducAid #Education #SierraLeone #InternationalDayoftheEradicationofPoverty #endpoverty

Tuesday 18 October
Today at EducAid’s Bookclub we talk about “Olu and Greta”, by Diana Ejaita.
It is the story of two cousins, Olu and Greta. Olu lives in Lagos, Nigeria, while Greta lives in Milan, Italy. Though their lives may be different, their ways of living and playing are quite similar. They both roller skate, skip down the street and play with toy trains… and they both dream of meeting one day.
“A salient reminder that love and connection transcend difference and distance.” —Publishers Weekly
#EducAid #education #SierraLeone #EducAidBookClub #bookclub

Friday 21 October

This week for Black History Month, we want to celebrate the accomplishments of James Spencer Cleverly, the first member of the British parliament of Sierra Leone descent and first black person to become Foreign Secretary in the UK.
Born in London to a British father and a Sierra Leonean mother, he trained in the Army but had to leave because of a leg injury. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management from the Polytechnic of West London, then worked for market leading titles in digital publishing until he set his own company. He is married and has two sons.
James Cleverly has been a member of parliament since 2015. He has served as joint Minister of State in the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and the Department for International Development, Minister for the Middle East and North Africa, Minister of State for Europe at the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO), and Secretary of State for Education. In September 2022, he was appointed Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs.

#EducAid #education #blackhistorymonth #blackhistory #BHM #SierraLeone #africa #jamescleverly

Tuesday 25 October
In primary school children learn foundational skills that prepare them for life. With poor basic literacy and numeracy abilities, the child struggles to access other subject areas such as history, geography, science and IT.
At our primary school in Maronka, teachers know that they play an important role in shaping the future of their pupils. Teachers are not only responsible for the academic progress of their pupils, they are also there to guide the development of their social skills, such as confidence, independence, self-control and cooperation.
#EducAid #Education #SierraLeone #Maronka #PrimarySchool #foundationalskills #literacy #numeracy #socialskills

Thursday 27 October
Well done and good luck to the EducAid team participating in Plan International’s Education Uninterrupted Incubator (EUI), a new programme to advance uninterrupted access to inclusive quality education for children and young people in Ghana and Sierra Leone. The selection process was very competitive: 67 teams submitted their proposal, 11 teams were invited to an interview and only 4 teams were selected to participate in the programme.
The EUI will provide capacity building to youth-driven innovator teams to develop and test solutions addressing continuous and quality education. The programme will adopt a youth-centred approach to allow teams to better understand the existing problems and challenges within the education sector through engaging young people meaningfully in the design of solutions that are meant for them.
With the support of the EUI programme, our team will develop short video lessons that explain key, strategic concepts for secondary school students to learn maths and science in a fun and easy way. The videos will be easy to share through social media, or upload to phones and tablets. Students will be able to use this content as a support when they attend school, or as an alternative to classroom learning if schools are closed. #EducAid #Education #SierraLeone #PlanInternational #planinternationalsierraleone #EUI #youth #innovation

Saturday 29 October

On Black History Month, we want to share the success story of a son of immigrants from Sierra Leone, Frances Tiafoe.
Frances Tiafoe is a professional tennis player born in the United States of America in 1998. His parents moved from Sierra Leone to Maryland to escape the civil war. His father worked as custodian and head of maintenance at a tennis centre, where Frances Tiafoe started playing tennis at age 4. He showed immediate interest in the sport, and his talent and dedication led him to win numerous tournaments as a teenager, including the US Junior National Championship. At 18 years old, he was already one of the 100 best tennis players worldwide.
The Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) has ranked Frances Tiafoe as world’s number 19. He is one of the few African American players on the ATP Tour, known to play an offensive game that relies on a very powerful forehand. Today, he is a role model for many young people.
“That’s one of my biggest motivations – to get more black people playing tennis… but I’m just trying to inspire everyone, doesn’t matter what race… especially younger people.”
#EducAid #education #blackhistorymonth #blackhistory #BHM #SierraLeone #africa #francestiafoe

Monday 31 October
On the first day of school we discussed with our students about expectations for the new school year. What were your expectations for this school year? How is it going so far?
#EducAid #Education #SierraLeone

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