Helping EducAid Help

A few months ago, we started being contacted by those who had visited the excellent ‘stuff your rucksack’ website, where our link is:
A variety of people coming into Sierra Leone visiting friends or on work missions have brought all sorts of invaluable books, clothes, stationery etc.
Today, I was contacted by Frangle who have set up something similar for the German and Austrian market [or at least I think that is what it said – my German is somewhat dismal!] and here again is the link:
Many thanks to both organisations and their initiatives. They are both greatly appreciated. Even on our budget, we can get most of the basic things but, unaided, it is very difficult to access the more thought provoking books, dvd videos and other such material. Increasingly our holistic / enrichment programme is becoming a key part of what we do.
We do not want to be achieving a standard that is ok for Sierra Leone but that is good to excellent for anywhere in the world. Accessing good materials beyond what is locally available is thus absolutely essential.
If you are interested in knowing more about EducAid’s work please go to:

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