Jimiyke – good but incomplete news

Headboy, Jimiyke, who nearly lost his life in March due to unidentified abdominal infections, is awaiting a visa to go to the UK for full medical assessment as it is unavailable here in Sierra Leone. [See 22nd May and 8th July posts or https://www.educaid.org.uk/EducAid_Sierra_Leone/Abu_Bakarr_Koroma.html for more background].

Despite having two sets of results showing that he was not contagious with TB, in his original application, he has been sent by the British High Commission to get further evidence of this. It has taken a week of daily traipsing around being sent from pillar to post by lots of officious not necessarily good willed officials but he has now submitted 2 x-rays and other test results all showing testing negative for TB.
Now, we wait! Banjul, where all UK visa applications are now processed, will eventually let him know.
To those of you who pray, please do so!

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