Musa hits the road but Moses is at the end of his journey!

The ceremonies begin.
Carried away by his excited EducAid colleagues.
Mammy Yabundu (Alhassan’s mother) with one of her many adopted children.
One proud Moses!
A well-earned party!
Queueing to receive their reward.
Moses, founder pupil of EducAid as of September 2000, has graduated.  This achievement represents the most extraordinary battle with corruption and incompetence that boggle any mind used to tertiary institutions elsewhere.
Independent observers have examined Moses’ work and considered him worthy of a first in your average British university but, unwilling to bribe his way through, Moses has struggled to the last to be awarded his degree.  Only 9 out of the original 48 in the class made it through.  In any other establishment, such a record would mean the teacher got the sack.  Not in Sierra Leone.
Moses more than deserves his degree and we wish him every success in all his plans for the future.  He is keen to use his opportunities to be part of the change.  May there be many to stand beside him and bring the desperately needed integrity to this suffering nation.
Great thanks go too, to those who have financially supported Moses through thick and thin.  All Moses’ abilities would have been wasted without their generosity and love.
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