narrow escape from wild bees

I think we can safely say that was a narrow escape….

Alhassan got up this morning complaining of malaria but promised to buy the treatment on his way home from dropping me off at a meeting. He had gone into town by the time I got back. A couple of hours later I received a hysterical call from Alhassan’s cousin. Eventually I got the story out of a slightly calmer fellow passenger and set off to pick up the pieces. I have just now got back from the hospital where Alhassan is admitted for overnight surveillance.

Apparently, the malaria overcame him when he was driving and he blacked out at the wheel. His second misfortune came when the car chose a particular telegraph pole as its final destination. This particular telegraph pole houses a large colony of wild bees which proceeded to attack the passengers. The others being healthy and fit got out and ran. Alhassan being semi-comatose with malaria could not and was almost smothered by them. He was eventually pulled out of the vehicle by a couple of soldiers [the whole thing took place outside the military barracks] who saved his life.
The nurse and I have just pulled out well over a thousand stings left by well over a thousand bees all over his face, inside his ears and eyes, his mouth, his neck, chest and shoulders. He looks as if he has done a round with Mike Tyson but the reality is he is very lucky to be alive.
At the military hospital where the onlookers first took him, it did not even occur to them to administer antihistamines but thank God for our recent discovery, Blue Shields Hospital where he is now being made slightly more comfortable. We will collect him tomorrow, all being well.

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