NOA dreaming and raising funds for EducAid!

North Oxfordshire Academy [NOA] have really entered into the spirit of cultural exchange and fundraising. Their relationship with EducAid is now in its 3rd year. The ICT staff hosted Jimiyke for several weeks during his trip to the UK earlier this year and, particularly since then, staff and students have really got into the spirit of things.
This is the latest update on their recent activities:
Thanks to all students and staff for their creativity, enterprise, generosity and “craziness” ( a word that makes me feel just a little queasy) in their fundraising and project. So far, the most exciting film is a rap. Members of staff will experience a sharp intake of breath, to learn that The Jardsters form, IMPERIAL 7, have filmed a “Dreamers” rap. On the fundraising front, this is where we are at present: The Warwick Worriers are streaking (don’t get any ideas) ahead with £216 but can’t get too smug because, in certain respects they find themselves between a “rock” and a hard place. BUT maximum respect goes out to Louisa’s form, as they say. Characteristically, IMPERIAL seem to be roaring to the front with about £160 and certain saintly staff, raising hundreds which haven’t been added to the pot yet. Mr Young is promising to bleach his hair with pink blobs, Mr Jardine to run around the track in grass skirt and coconut bra if their targets are reached! Personally I think staff would pay a significant sum for Mr Jardine to keep his kit on as the weather heats up. Kings have raised about £100 through having their cakes and eating them! Cambridge seemed to raise a fraudulently large amount on Sports Day through face painting and sweets sales! They have £120. Oxford have concentrated their fundraising into Agony Aunt Heisler’s Match Making. Will you find your dream lover? Will your lonely heart find solace? Will you ditch your partner for a wild weekend based on the readout of the this capricious cyber cauldron? (Ok, bad idea). Mr H has some ideas to chuck into this pot, so staff and students are encouraged to fill in MatchMaker 2010 if you want an end of term grimace to take with you into the Summer hols! So far Oxford have raised a princely £30. There is a scurrilous rumour that for over £30, Mr Thomas (on behalf of the sixth form) might repeat his gloriously (and gloweringly) monosyllabic assembly on Wales in which he walks up and down the side of the theatre uttering cryptic words between severe eyeballing and beard stroking, accompanied by a three minute pause. The script: Wales; daffodils; Caerphily, sheep! (END OF ASSEMBLY). Worth every penny.

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