Proud of them

I am working this term based in Maronka, a tiny village in the Northern province. Kofi is attending our primary school here too.
The school is run by a number of ‘junior staff’ i.e. Our past students who are hoping for sponsorship or already under-going distance teacher training.
Although we have junior staff in all locations the Maronka deal is a much more full-on option than all the others. There are over 80 little ones that live with us and the junior staff are in loco parentis for the hoards.
Sumaila Bockarie is the latest addition to the staff. He got 9 credits in the senior public exams last year and is clearly very bright. He hopes to do engineering at Uni if he can find a sponsor (fingers crossed for that).
When I told him he had been placed in Maronka, he was clearly somewhat perturbed. It turns out that he has hardly ever left Freetown previously, never mind live in a tiny remote village with 10 buildings making up its entirety!
I have to admit to being very impressed with his attitude and approach once he had got passed the original gulp moment. He is creative, hard working and committed to his students. I am working particularly with him over the next weeks and am really looking forward to it.
I am increasingly very proud of how these youngsters are willing to use their education for the benefit of those coming up after them. If this attitude continues there is much hope for the future.

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