Social Media Round Up 2022

EducAid’s Non-Social Media, Social Media Update

8 September 2021 – The 2021-22 school year is officially underway! We will focus on each of EducAid’s school sites opening this week, starting with these photos of the first day of Rolal.

EducAid Rolal’s Site Coordinator, Kabiru, says, “It gives me a special joy seeing most of my pupils returning from holiday all smiling and happy to come back to learn. In most schools in Sierra Leone, we hardly see students turning up for the first day of school. I am equally pleased with my staff team as they are all ready to implement improvement strategies learned from the whole staff meeting. It is hard not to see the passion from other teachers on the first day of school, and it makes me proud to be the leader of this school.”

9 September 2021 – EducAid’s Lumley School in Freetown had a great start to the new school year this week. Site Coordinator EBT says, “We had the school day run smoothly.

We first had briefing as usual and explained a couple of things to the students about how this year will look like going forward.It was an engaging day and it went well.”

10 September 2021 – EducAid’s Maronka Primary School has been having a great #firstweekofschool.

Site Coordinator, Aruna, says, “The kids were super excited to be back in school. They’re glad to meet with their friends again. They’re happy to carry on with their learning.” #firstdayofschool #firstdayfeelings 

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18 September 2021 – #EmergingIssues & #InclusiveEducation teacher education syllabi under construction- long busy days but delighted to be participating with MTHE, NCTVA etc in such an important project

30 September 2021 – When you want your maths learning to stick, make it real: Human bar graphs 📊with kingfishers class. Great work Fatmata & Chris. #NumeracyLearning #EducationInSierraLeone


4 October 2021 – Today is the day! Register to join us in Rolal to talk EducAid and EVC this afternoon!

Come to Rolal for our panel on EducAid’s unique way of working, EVC (Every Voice Counts)!

EducAid Rolal is one of 120 schools chosen from around the world to celebrate #WorldEduWeek sharing innovations.

When: Monday, 4th October, 2pm BST / 1pm GMT

Where: EducAid Rolal and wherever you are

How to sign up for link:…/world-education-week…

Hope to see you there!

5 October 2021 – So delighted to be able to share the great news of new publication, shared with me by #EducAidAlumnus Alieu Moinina #EducAidAlumni everywhere are having an impact wherever they go in all sectors! #EducAidIsFamily #EducAidAlwaysClimbing 🇸🇱🇸🇱💚💚💚📖📖

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5 October 2021  – Adamsay discusses with partner teachers, how to bridge the gap between where we are and where we want to be this year, as the #EIC 6 weeks of residential training starts #TeachersMatter

13 October 2021 – Happening now in Maronka as EducAid Sierra Leone is hosting teachers from 60 #EIC schools to train them on literacy and numeracy strategies. Teachers confess they enjoyed the strategies shared with them and promised to implement it in their schools. EducAid Sierra Leone believes in #teacherdevelopment and sees #education as a key for development.

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14 October 2022 – Agriculture science practice yesterday at Lumley. Bed construction and planting complete. #scienceiseverywhere #learningisdoing #doingislearning #agriculturalscience


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9 November 2021 – After participating in our Giving Voice to Values (GVV) workshop, three institutions paid it forward by designing similar modules and holding workshops for their audiences.

Learn about the strides Edify Ghana, Emerging Public Leaders Ghana, and EducAid Sierra Leone have made in teaching skills for ethical action

15 November 2021 – New computers for schools. A huge thank you to all who made this possible! One of our goals this year is to make sure EdudcAid schools and staff are connected and equipped with IT skills and access. This is an important first step.

No photo description available.

19 November 2021 – Teacher Training Digital Skills – EducAid Lumley

Last week we started training the teachers of EducAid Sierra Leone, Lumley. This is a community school based in the Western part of Freetown.EducAid is an educational network, based on a UK registered charity. We support their educational approach of interactive learning, which empowers youth bottom-up.

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22 November 2021 – Jojo & Zainab in the Coordinators’ mtg learning to take & edit photos #EducAidAlwaysLearning #EducAidAlwaysClimbing #EducAidFamily #CommunicationsMatter


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20 December 2021 – “I have learnt fantastic ideas from reading which I always try and put into practice”

Wonderful EducAid teacher Hassan speaks to @bookaidinternational about the importance of books; and how reading and his education from @educaidsl has changed his life.


6 January 2022 – Who are we and why is EducAid different? Watch this short video to find out more

Thanks to our friends at Amphigean Limited for the video :

May be an image of text that says 'Climate hypocrisy: January 2022 edition Days by which single average UK citizen will have emitted the equivalent of citizen in each country's annual CO2 emissions Monday Tuesday Saturday Wednesday 5 Sunday Somalia Burundi Thursday 2 6 Chad CAR Friday DRC Malawi Rwanda 10 Sierra Leone Uganda 11 8 Niger Ethiopia 12 Guinea Bissau 13 South Sudan Madagascar 18 The Gambia Guinea 14 Afghanistan Tanzania 19 15 Burkina Faso 20 Liberia 16 Mozambique Eritrea 21 24 Cameroon Togo Mali 25 22 Haiti 26 Kenya 23 Comoros 31 Yemen 27 Cote d'lvoire 28 Zambia 29 30 Nepal Center Global Development'

10 January 2022 – By today 10th January 2022, the average UK citizen has already emitted more CO2 emissions than a citizen in Sierra Leone will ALL year… In fact by the end of January, the UK’s average emissions will be higher than around 30 other countries (Center for Global Development:2022).

Let’s work together to ensure climate action is happening everywhere. At EducAid Sierra Leone we are working hard on our environmental projects, where the effects of climate change are already so present in daily life. 

17 January 2022 – Last Thursday and Friday, in collaboration with Rising Academy Network – SL and EducAid Sierra Leone, Freetown City Council completed a two-day training for school leaders as part of the #SchoolLeadersSupportProgram. The program provides mentorship and administrative support to school leaders in 556 #government and government-assisted schools both at primary and junior secondary school levels across #Freetown.The training focused on:

1. Building teamwork and accountability between teachers and school staff.

2. Building engagement and support between School Management Committees and School Boards.

3. School Priority Check-In and Goal Setting

As we continue the second term of the 2021/22 academic year, we at Freetown City Council wish all our teachers and school leaders the best of luck. Freetown City Council will continue to work with school leaders to enhance the quality of teaching and to create a safe and conducive learning environment that leaves no child behind.


May be an image of text that says 'Total Students with Credit in English Language Students with Credit in Mathematics Students with Credit in both Maths and English Credit in 8 subjects Credit in 7 subjects % 29 56 27 8 Credit in 6 sunjects 48.33333 93.33333 45 14 18 13.33333 23.33333 30 Credit in 5 subjects Cedit in 5 subjects and above Credit in 4 subjects Credit in 3 subject Credit in 2 subjects Credit in 1 subject Credit in 0 subject 10 16.66667 50 6 2 2 83.33333 10 3.333333 3.333333 0 0 0'

9 February 2022 – The WASSCE results we have been waiting for are finally out. 

EducAid Rolal Secondary School sent 60 candidates for the 2021 WASSCE, 50 out of the 60 have five WASSCE credits and above, in all subjects, 56 out of 60 students have credit in Mathematics, 4 with passes in Mathematics and no failure in mathematics, which gives us 93.3% pass rate in Mathematics. 29 out of 60 students have credit in the English Language, 30 with passes in English Language and only one failure in the English Language, which gives us a 48.3% university pass rate in the English Language.

Out of the 60 students sent for the WASSCE, we have 27 with university credits in both Mathematics and English Language, giving us 45% students with direct degree university requirements. Out of the remaining 33 without both Mathematics and English Language, we have 23 of them with five credits and above, 6 with four credits and only 4 with below four credits. The 23 students could still gain university entrance depending on the course they want to do, and most of them only need to get the English Language to get degree requirement. From the results, it is clear that we have achieved our goals in ensuring most of our students get five WASSCE credit and above. Congratulations to our 2021 WASSCE candidates!!! 

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11 February 2022 – Today on the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, EducAid students in their science class tell us about what this means to them:

“I choose to study science because it is shameful that there are few women in science and the majority still think girls and women are afraid to participate… I want to be part of the girls who will prove to the world that we are capable of doing science and no body will rob off my imagination”

In these times more than ever the world needs science, and science needs women! We are excited to see what our students will go on to achieve in their futures, and celebrate all girls and women in science who are making change for the world 🌎

16 February 2022: #NationBuilding the @EducAidSL #CommunityOutreach team started their 6-week tour of all our partner schools today & had to build the bridges to create a path to some of the remote schools #EducationInSierraLeone #EducationIsTheAnswer #EducAidIsTheAnswer 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💚💚💚🇸🇱🇸🇱🇸🇱

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21 February 2022

“We are happy that we can now conduct IT classes for the kids to develop their thinking, comprehensive and researching skills. With this it will also help the students to be independent learners.” EducAid’s IT Coordinator, Tee

A huge thank you to Stanton House who donated much-needed laptops to be used in our schools in Sierra Leone… This will allow EducAid students and staff to have important access to new technology – which opens new horizons and changes lives, especially in the resource-limited areas EducAid works!

#thankyou #stantonhouse #educaidsl #partner #tech #teaching #sierraleone


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1 March 2022 “Helping girls achieve their dreams is a dream come true for me. Girls and women have been living in a world where they are seen as threat to development, they have been victimised and are always at the back. Working as the Equality Coordinator for EducAid has helped me change some of the mindsets girls and women had about themselves. It has helped me recognise the lengths women will go to in-order to achieve what they want. It has helped me build confidence in myself and instilled this confidence in our young generation”. (Head of our Equality team)

Today is Zero Discrimination Day and marks the start of Women’s History Month… During 26 years of EducAid we have supported & celebrated many incredible women in achieving great impact. Now more than ever, the world needs strong women! This month we will be highlighting the work and impact of women and our equality programmes. Stay tuned!

#womenshistory #genderequality #zerodiscrimination #breakthebias

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7 March 2022

Sierra Leone still has one of the worst gender equality indexes in the world (182 out of 189). For many years we have been working on improving gender equality through our programmes… Girl Power Group (GPG) sessions (pictured) teaches girls and young women about their rights and potential, with positive female role models and sessions on self esteem in order to enable girls to achieve in education and more. Results show many of them are doing just that!

Stay tuned this month where we will introduce more of our equality programmes, and the strong women in EducAid!

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8 March 2022 Not In My Name March

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10 March 2022

At EducAid we are always working to #breakthebias and improve gender equality.

Gender norms are often deeply entrenched in all areas of daily life, and have been this way for many years; which is why it’s so hard to change them…

One (of the many) areas where stereotypes persist is in Sport, yet Sport knows no gender, nationality, or age. Here is our EducAid female football team proving just that. Organised by female students and staff, they train regularly.

Hopefully in the future some of these EducAid football teams will move forward in representing their schools, and even country, in women’s football making great impact on challenging gender stereotypes in Sierra Leone!

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11 March 2022

Continuing our highlight of strong women in EducAid today, we are featuring a particularly inspiring past student; Gladys. She embodies the idea that hard work, determination and having those who believe in you can make all the difference:

“ Education is the surest way out of poverty, and this kept me pushing hard to where I am now. At EducAid, I came to realise that hard work, determination and perseverance pays. EducAid was always there to give us support, pushing us to stand out as women. Miriam (EducAid’s Country Director) was always telling us that she is looking forward to a day when top management positions in the various schools are held by females. Those words went a long way… Now, I am teaching people who are in the same situation as I was and I am also giving back to my community, defending people’s basic rights as citizens.

I sometimes shed tears when I reflect on how my life used to be. I am grateful for all those who supported me through it all. “

Gladys is now a barrister and solicitor of the High Court of Sierra Leone. One of the few female barristers in the country, she is working on improving advocacy for girls and women in Sierra Leone and the rest of the world.

Read more about Gladys in our next Newsletter – out at the end of March!

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14 March 2022

Film and video workshop at our Rolal school 📷

A huge thanks to @johncameramande who has been volunteering at Rolal this week holding these great workshops with our EducAid students! Such a great opportunity and fun was had by all 😊

#sierraleone #volunteer #volunteering #workshop #film #photography

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15 March 2022

“We were very happy to be part of the fight to stop FGM in our country” – Lumley students.

Some female students from EducAid’s Lumley School joined the Women’s Day peaceful protest last week, which was held to show zero tolerance for FGM in Sierra Leone. Sierra Leone has some of the highest levels of FGM in the world; nearly 9/10 girls will or have undergone FGM (UNFPA 2019).

Wonderful to see our students and staff making their voices heard and advocating to be part of the change, so in the future no girls will have to endure this harmful practice.

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16 March 2022

Say cheese! Primary school girls at our Maronka School, having fun whilst learning.

We have been working hard to ensure girls stay in school through our programmes; only 41% of girls go on to secondary school in Sierra Leone (World Bank:2021).

EducAid works to ensure schools are the safest place for girls, working with students, staff and communities to combat inequality and gender based violence.

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18 March 2022

The women of EducAid are role models who inspire with their focus, commitment and dedication to education and their students.

In this photo taken last week at Rolal Secondary School, our female staff held a debate engaging students and staff about the roles we all play in gender equality.

Four speakers came to the stand to discuss gender roles at home, in addition to listening to inspirational songs and quotes from strong women around the globe. This offered great opportunity for students and staff to make their voices heard and discuss changing dynamics.

19 March 2022

Huge congratulations to the 8(!) EducAid Sierra Leone BAM graduates who receive their degrees from the University of Makeni today. Thank you to all our lecturers and volunteers who helped to make their extraordinary achievement possible.

May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'SATVac e ক SC. AC BSC.AC ١١ PRF DULUX DULUX a OOD NE ၁'

19 March 2022

For the 2nd time an #EducAidian is the best performing student in his whole graduating cohort from @Unimak_SL So so proud of Dulux! What an amazing achievement & despite the most incredible challenges! #EducAidians #EducAidAlumni #EducAidAlwaysLeading #EducAidIsTheAnswer 🇸🇱💚📚

21 March 2022

We are continuing our focus on the strong incredible Women and Girls of EducAid with this beautiful video speaking about self esteem and confidence, created with some of our female EducAid students alongside the filmmaker John Kranert @johncameramande 🎥

Stay tuned for more information this week on our equality and empowerment programme: The Strong Girl Incubator!

#empoweringwomen #empowerment #ngo #sierraleone #strongwomen #selfesteem #selfconfidence

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22 March 2022

Today on World Water Day, we want to highlight the importance of access to safe drinking water. In Sierra Leone 58% of people have no access to basic water services (UNICEF:2018). Despite the evident health problems this can cause, this also contributes to gender inequality and economic instability.

At EducAid, we are working hard to provide clean accessible water for all; not just in our schools yet also in the wider communities where we work. Last year we installed a solar well at Maronka Primary School. This had a direct impact on the standard of living of hundreds of people.

We hope to do more; ensuring clean and sustainable water access for all in our communities. Please support us – click on the donate button and together we can help more people have clean water!

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24 March 2022

Introducing the Strong Girl Incubator – EducAid’s equality and empowerment programme for young women and girls.

There are many barriers for girls in continuing their education in Sierra Leone. Our SGI project (formerly the Women’s Project and renamed by participants) is designed for female students to continue their education, offering pace-adapted learning in numeracy, literacy and other necessary tools to enable girls to succeed in mainstream education. It also creates a strong support network of young women and female role models to encourage and support students with workshops on confidence, healthy relationships and more.

Here’s a glimpse into one of the SGI sessions (see stories for video!)

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25 March 2022

What is the impact of EducAid’s Strong Girl Incubator (SGI) programme for young women? Let our students tell you:

“The SGI helps build our self confidence, and know our rights.. it teaches us about kindness and sisterhood… promotes leadership, public speaking, improves our vocabulary.. It teaches us too how to be a role model”. (SGI Students)

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26 March 2022

In the top 50 most influential women in Bombali: Ramatu K! So proud of all she’s achieved since escaping a forced marriage in the night so long ago! #EducAidAlumni #EducAidFamily #TogetherWeCan #GirlPower #EducAidWomen #EducationInSierraLeone #EducAidAlwaysClimbing #Education

29 March 2022

“Being a teacher is part of my DNA” Kabiru

What makes an EducAid teacher? See an extract from our latest video where some of our wonderful teachers speak about their work in education at EducAid.

The full video will be up on our website soon!

#education #inspiring #inspiringteachers #teachersofinstagram #teach #positiveeducation

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31 March 2022

Rounding up our month’s focus on equality work in EducAid: The White Ribbon Campaign(WRC)!

Working to stop gender-based violence and to improve equality needs action and participation from both men and women. The WRC sessions (pictured here at our Rolal school) are held every Thursday. WRC sessions are a place for boys and young men to discuss issues of equality and how they can help to end gender-based violence and be equality champions for girls and women.

By engaging with men and boys, the sessions challenge unequal behavior and promote cultural change that encompasses equality and says no to violence against women and girls.

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4 April 2022

A huge congratulations to Dr Miriam Mason @miriam_masonsesay our inspiring Country Director who received her PhD in the congregation ceremony at Durham University on Friday 🎉

Everyone at EducAid is so proud of you and looking forward to your next achievements!

Well done Miriam.

(Picture with her son ❤️)

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7 April 2022

#EducAidAlumni graduating today: building our vision of a dignified, democratic & globally engaged #SierraLeone 🇸🇱where poverty is eradicated by #EducatedCitizens #EducAidAlwaysClimbing #EducAidFamily #TogetherWeCan #EducationForDevelopment #EducAidians #TellingTheEducAidStory

8 April 2022

EducAid is unique… and so are our students ❤

In this clip, filmed by EducAid students; we learn why many choose to study with us and have fun learning at EducAid.

Have a lovely weekend!

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9 April 2022

#EducAidAlumni skilling themselves up & making their mark wherever you turn – proud of ABK & Woody among so many other #EducAidians who’ve graduated in the last few weeks-amazing stories of triumph & transformation #EducAidFamily #EducationForDevelopment #EducationInSierraLeone

12 April 2022

The “making of” our latest videos…

Last month, EducAid students enjoyed film and camera workshops from filmmaker John Kranert who came to volunteer with us. The students then produced some fabulous videos.

Here is behind the scenes!

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22 April 2022

Happy Earth Day from EducAid! 🌍 – Protecting our planet starts with us! Across all of our schools, we have been working together with students and communities to protect the environment in order to play our part in combating climate change and environmental degradation.

Pictured here are students in one of our school planting projects. They looked after a seedling at home and then planted it around their school to contribute to reforestation of the environment. Other activities and projects include; litter picking, recycling projects, community training and water sustainability.

What are you doing to celebrate Earth Day?

22 April 2022

#UbuntuSisterhood #UbuntuEducation #Ubuntu #CompassionateBehaviourManagement : Great day working with #EducAidWomen Fun, hard-work, challenging norms, creativity, #GirlPower playlists 🎶, engaging learning opportunities #EducAidAlwaysLearning #EducAidFamily #EducAidIsTheAnswer

26 April 2022 – From Miriam – Feeling emotional again! So proud of Gladys as she signs the register 4 legal practitioners-So many start this journey but can’t make the grade but she keeps going up! &This is how we achieve the #EducAidVision 1 alumnus at a time #EducAidWomen #EducAidAlumni #EducAidIsTheAnswer

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28 April 2022

How do we practice Ubuntu at EducAid?💜  – All of our schools use Ubuntu to guide their work and care. Students and staff have worked together to develop EducAid’s Ubuntu thinking and how to practise it in and outside of school. Some activities for example we have in our schools include:

– Ubuntu stars – students are asked to nominate their classmates for being the best friend of the week because of certain acts they have done for others during the day. At the end of the week those who have the most Ubuntu stars and have been particularly kind are celebrated by the class.

– The emphasis of positive behaviour management systems with the focus on rewards

– Ubuntu workshops


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5 May 2022 – And we’re off #RainySeason has started in #MaronkaCity ! It’s official 🇸🇱💚🌧⛈💨🇸🇱💚💨⛈🌧

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7 May 2022

Wishing all NPSE students across Sierra Leone 🇸🇱success as they begin their National Primary School Exams today.

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9 May 2022 – Exam season is underway across EducAid schools! We will be updating with some of the preparations and progress on our social media…

Best of luck to our students and staff preparing for these and sending good thoughts to students studying for their exams around the world at this time ⭐️

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11 May 2022 –Students at our Lumley school (and across Sierra Leone) are busily preparing for their upcoming WASSCE exams – their end of secondary school exams.

Here students are working together revising practical elements for Physics.

Good luck everyone!

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13 May 2022 Collaborative sisterhood discussions among our Strong Girl Incubator students; always working together for new solutions.

13 May 2022 – & a task force is born – happy to see enthusiastic response to the #PDIA approach to addressing issues in #EducationInPortLoko at the #PortLoko education retreat today #TogetherWeCan #EducationIsTheAnswer #TurningPoint #EducAidAlwaysLeading

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15 May 2022 – Across Sierra Leone 🇸🇱and at EducAid, students are preparing for the WASSCE English Language Oral exam tomorrow! Wishing you all the best of luck and success.

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16 May 2022 –Wishing Kai & Tense safe travels as they start the last #CommunityEngagement tour for the #EIC -one of the most important elements of our holistic #SchoolImprovement programme 

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16 May 2022 = This week exams are continuing all around the world, and in EducAid schools!

Sending a huge well done to our Maronka students who took the NPSE (National Primary School Examination) last Saturday! This is the upper primary National exam that will qualify them for secondary school…

Best of luck to all of those in exams… We are thinking of you!

Student Voice in Curriculum Design and Evaluation – International Perspectives

16 May 2022

Join us for a discussion with the Curriculum Foundation, Inter-agency Network for Emergencies, Justice Rising and more at 1pm (UK) today 16th May.

Student voice in #curriculum design & evaluation.

International Perspectives.

16th May. 13:00-14:00 UTC+1 (London)…/student-voice…/…

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17 May 2022 – When we read, the whole world opens up. A female student from our Maronka school reading her book “The Spy”. Have a great day everyone!

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19 May 2022 – With exams and revision still very much under way for many students this week…

What are your best tips for studying for exams?

(Pictured one of our Maronka students studying this week)


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23 June 2022 – Good morning from our Rolal School!

Here is to another week of learning, and working together to create change🙌

Wishing everybody a happy week and productive Monday.

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11 June 2022 – We’re celebrating World Oceans Day this weekend with photos of Sierra Leone’s beautiful beaches. Have you been lucky enough to enjoy Sierra Leone’s incredible beaches? Do you have a favourite?

All photos by Mohamed Vandy of EducAid Sierra Leone 

14 June 2022 – From Kabiru – It is always a pleasure to represent EducAid Sierra Leone in contributing to the development of education in Sierra Leone. I am happy to join the Honourable deputy Minister 1 of MBSSE, Emily Kadiatu Gogra and key education stakeholders within the North West region to have a consultation engagement on the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) in providing recommendations for policy implementation in education within Sierra Leone.

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19 June 2022 – Big thanks to Vero who’s spent the last two weekends on critical thinking & academic writing modules and the in between week working with final year students on their dissertations! #BAM


21 July 2022#EducAidStudyDay in #MaronkaCity#EducAidAlumni ran the school while the staff took a day out to listen to, read & discuss #TheThinBookOfTrust#LoveTheseGuys #EducAidAlwaysLearning #EducAidFamily #EducAidIsTheAnswer

May be an image of 1 person, indoor and text that says 'The change in my school (thraugh the EIC) that mast proud of is am'

6 July 2022 – Today 57 Head Teachers from the six northern districts of Sierra Leone have come together at EducAid’s Maronka Primary School for their final Head Teacher Meeting of the Education Innovation Challenge (EIC) to outline plans for the year ahead and life beyond the EIC. This 3-year project is coming to an end, but we’re excited to see what happens next in the schools and communities served (and the more than 19,000 children impacted by the project!).

EducAid begins every project thinking about its end, focusing on the sustainability of every project and intervention. How will the project and impact continue beyond the life of the project? How do we ensure the work continues without EducAid support?

These EIC Head Teachers have done incredible things over the last three years. We’re excited to see what incredible things they do next.

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6 July 2022 – Tonkolili @LeoneTeaching rep Victor Hugo Kamara exhorts #EIC headteachers to maintain project gains & to share with other schools in the district. #TogetherWeCan transform 

EducAid - Learning for Life in Sierra Leone

17 July 2022 – Let’s celebrate! It’s EducAid’s Birthday!

27 years ago today, EducAid was officially registered as a charity. In these years, we have worked to create a democratic, dignified and globally engaged Sierra Leone, where poverty is eliminated by educated citizens.Today, we want to thank you for your support, with the hope that you will keep standing by us for many more years to come.

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18 July 2022 – Today is the official first day of summer break at EducAid Sierra Leone. Our schools are a bit quieter, but work continues as we prepare for the 2022-23 school year. Sending good thoughts for a safe and enjoyable summer to everyone. Stay cool!

22 July 2022 – Many thanks to the #wecanrun project for sharing this message from our Cluster Mentor Hassanatu about #girlseducation in #SierraLeone

Together we can make the difference!

Check out the @wecanrunproject to follow the the incredible journey of Elise, who’s running the 1.000Km Desert Grand Slam in support of women’s education in Sierra Leone.

#EducAid #education #womenempowerment #womeneducation #equaleducation

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28 July 2022 – This week (through 3rd August) junior secondary (middle school) students around Sierra Leone are sitting their BECE (Basic Education Certificate Exam) before advancing to senior secondary school in the fall.

Please join us in sending them your good wishes and keep them in your thoughts.

Photo: Lumley 2022 BECE students ready for their exams


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1 August 2022 – What a weekend!

On Saturday, 68 individuals attended EducAid’s final Education Innovation Challenge (EIC ) Learning Workshop. This 3-year (2019-22) primary school improvement project has been transformational and gathered crucial data about what works to improve the quality of primary schools in SL.

Each summer, EducAid brings together government officials and invites implementing partners to talk about the successes and challenges of the project, sharing best practice to ensure #collaborationovercompetition.

As one participant noted, “It was helpful to step back, reflect and share strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for each service provider. So much to learn from other providers!”

Thank you to everyone who attended!

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5 August 2022 Congratulations to the 11 girls and 11 boys of EducAid’s Maronka Primary School for their success at NPSE (National Primary School Exam) 2022!

This year we had an outstanding 100% pass rate, above the national pass rate of 81.2% (up from 77% in 2021!).

We are proud of you!

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19 August 2022 – On World Humanitarian Day we advocate for the survival, well-being and dignity of people affected by the crises, and for the safety and security of aid workers. This year we celebrate the humanitarians that have been heroes during the Covid-19 pandemic.

During the pandemic, when schools were closed, many children lost their access to quality education. EducAid worked with the Teaching Service Commission on the distance learning radio project which reached More than 1.4M children across Sierra Leone (World Bank).

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27 August 2022 – The final preparations for EducAid’s Whole Staff Meeting are underway with packets being printed for 4 days of learning together with everyone at EducAid Sierra Leone. WSM starts tomorrow! School starts 5th September. #8daysuntilschoolstarts

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