Stories from Maronka

EducAid’s Maronka Primary School is a special place.

It is a safe home for girls, it is a model school, and it is a hub for much of EducAid’s teacher training.

We are raising money for Maronka as part of a campaign with GlobalGiving. By the 28th of June, we need to raise $5,000 from at least 40 donors. This will not only provide Maronka with important support, but it will also mean that EducAid gains access to the GlobalGiving platform. This is an exciting opportunity that will help more people to learn about EducAid’s work and support quality education in Sierra Leone.

As part of our crowdfunding, we wanted to share some stories from Maronka with you. As you will see, literacy and learning is important to all at Maronka!

Hear from some of the students and staff at Maronka below.

Maronka’s daily reading club: Everybody chooses a book at their own level and reads on their own or to an adult each day.

Ramatu (6) says: “I love the reading club because the teachers are helping us to learn to read.  When we know the words, we can speak and we can go anywhere and talk to people.”


Agnes and Adama, two of Maronka’s star teachers: They have been working recently to develop their own literacy teaching.

Adama says, “We are enjoying developing as teachers.  We love seeing the children’s literacy improve and they love the phonics lessons.  We promise to do more.”


Carousel lessons: The children at Maronka enjoy these lessons!

T2, one of the teachers says, “Carousels are a form of learning which encourage children to learn actively and from each other. Today we were doing carousels on difference sentences, for example completing, correcting and forming sentences. Even when one child is stuck, others can support him and this leads to long term & independent learning.”


Maronka is a special place. Will you join our campaign and be part of this exciting journey?

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