The Thoughtful Sierra Leonean

EducAid is working on the production of educational radio programmes for distribution across the country while the ebola State of Emergency keeps schools shut and children away from their studies.
If we have learned nothing else during this latest crisis, we have learned that the lack of basic education has left the population so terribly vulnerable once again.  We will continue to be vulnerable while education is neglected.
As a key part of our radio programmes we have decided to have a daily message to ‘The Thoughtful Sierra Leonean’.  Our hope is, of course, that as the messages go out every listener will want to place themselves in that category and will choose a moment of education ‘of the heart’ while educating their minds.

Our logo features young Abu Bakarr Kargbo, known everywhere as STG (Stop The Gang!). STG is the head-boy in EducAid Lumley and has retrieved himself from the street, living on the city dump with a daily menu of gambling, violence and theft.  He is proud now to be a #thoughtful Sierra Leonean and to be a role model for other youngsters.  ‘If I can, so can you,’ he invites.
So far, we have recorded messages around themes, quotes and proverbs such as:
‘We not me!’
‘If I succeed alone, I fail.’
‘Love and do as you will.’
‘Knowledge without wisdom is like water poured on sand.’
‘When there is no enemy within, the enemy from outside cannot hurt you.’
……and many more.

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