A great example of education destroying poverty

My Profile
My name is Alpha Alhaji Bangura. I was born in 11th October 1994 in Makabie village Koya Chiefdom
Portloko District I came from an extended family of twenty-one children. I am
the fourteenth child and the only one that has reached this level of
education (the exams that qualified me to enter university). My parents are
both local farmers as are my elder brothers and sisters.
I started attending school in the year 2002 just after
the war in Sierra Leone. I sat to my National Primary Examination(NPSE) in 2005
i.e. the exams that qualified me to enter the junior secondary school and there
was no way to further my education because my parents have not got money for me
to further my education.  My father sent to a man who promised to help me
with my educational issues, who later on used me to do his business (selling
Coal). I had to return to my parent and later on decided to join them going to
the farm. Thereafter my father heard about Educ-Aid school and what the school
is doing for pupils whose parents are unable to pay their school fees to
further their education.  I was not enthusiastic at first because there
was no uniform and the school was not a well known one. 
Life In EducAid School
I entered EducAid junior secondary school in November
2005. I was walking from my village to school every morning which was six
miles. Sometimes I used to go to school very late and because of that my
teachers asked me to join as a home student and I had to join. I sat to my
Basic Educational Examinations Certificate in 2007(BECE) i.e. the exams that
qualified me to enter senior secondary school and Miriam Mason Sesay took us to
Freetown, Lumley where I continued my senior secondary schooling. I had wanted
to take my West Africa Senior Secondary Schools Examinations (WASSCE) in 2010
but Miriam did not allow me.  According to her she said she does not want
us to under achieve. I was frustrated and she encouraged me to continue with my
studies and I did. I later on sat to the exams in 2011 and I got a university
requirement because my result was excellent so I was glad.
I joined as a Junior Staff for 2011 to 2012 and I was
sent to Educ-Aid school magbeni where I came from. I was teaching Mathematics,
Agricultural Science, Electronics and Integrated science and as well I was
applying for scholarships at the Ministry of Education of Sierra Leone. I came
back to Freetown in order to enter university and a friend called and told me
that there is a scholarship advertised for science undergraduate students at
the Ministry of education by the Kingdom of Morocco and I rushed and applied
with my result, Merit certificate, Career Workshop certificate, Community
service certificate and Self Employment certificate.
I was shortlisted and called for interview and the
interview was successful and I was asked to go home and keep my phone on. If I
was successful they would call me. I was called when the Kingdom of Morocco
replied me. I was hoping the government would be responsible for everything
without knowing that it is at my expense. Getting the scholarship is one thing.
To go through the expenses is another. If it had not Miriam helping me throughout
with the expenses I should have lost the scholarship because I have nobody to
help with those kind of money. I was given the ticket on the 8th December 2012 and we travelled on the 9th December 2012.
We started the French course on 19th December 2012 and we were given audios to listen
which will help us in the pronunciations and I have no computer at that time I
had to ask Miriam. The scholarship is only responsible for the college fees
only. Feeding, Lodging, School materials and Transportations is at our own
Thanks and appreciation
We are grateful that you helped us with the computers.
We really appreciate the role you are playing in our lives.
I would also like to extend my sincere appreciations
to Miriam Mason Sesay and the Trustees of the Educ-Aid Sierra Leone.  Had
it not been for them we should have been drop outs.
Alpha Bangura
If you are interested in knowing more about EducAid’s work with vulnerable young Sierra Leoneans, please go to www.educaid.org.uk and www.sierraleonegirls.blogspot.com 

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