Almost Relentless Bad News

So…. Alhassan died on Thursday, 6th August, aged 36. Emmanuel Bailay, senior teacher in Lumley, lost his sister on Saturday, 8th August, aged 22. Mani Abu, senior teacher in Rolal, lost his brother, Thursday, 13th August, aged 40. Ahmed Nyandemoh, chemistry teacher in Lumley, lost his cousin on Wednesday.

Tragedy continues to be the daily fare here. People’s lives are so incredibly hard. EducAid had seemed to be living something of a charmed life until this last year but, no more! We are having our fair share of the suffering this time round.
For those of you who pray, please do so.
The rumours abound. Firstly, the claims and accusations of witchcraft behind Alhassan’s death. Secondly, the threat to Kofi’s and my safety from the same hatred and witchcraft. In addition, rumours are in circulation that I will give up on EducAid and that I have sold most of my property and am on my way out of the country for good [despite my public commitment to the contrary at the funeral!].
Everyone and his aunty has had dreams of Alhassan, who has ‘brought messages and advice’ for me. It seems somewhat unlikely that Alhassan, of all people, who so detested gossip and rumour, would send his messages via the neighbourhood, but it does not occur to anyone that their dreams and imaginings may not be welcome!
Superstition seems to work hand in hand with corruption and gossip to slow progress and development. Poor medical care, decisions and facilities are not enough to contend with. We have to plough through all of this too.
The only glimmer of hope on the EducAid horizon at the moment is that the consular section here have agreed to review Jimiyke’s visa application and are requesting some basic documents it should be reasonably easy to get hold of. [For those new to Jimiyke’s story please see earlier posts.]
Please God, he will be able to access some decent health care and get himself in a safer state of health for the future.
Kofi and I will return to the UK for a few weeks to take stock and so that I can participate in the sponsored Paris to Brussels bike ride, 12th and 13th September, that Alhassan and I had planned to do together.
Mani, big Alhassan and small Alhassan, in happier days [only 3 weeks ago].

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