Balla making EducAid’s name in Venezuela

Balla playing football for his university.

A year or so ago, Balla Turay, EducAid past pupil,
took up his scholarship to study ICT in Venezuela and has clearly been making
his (and our) name since.  I was touched to receive this mail today:

are my grades for this semester which ended on Friday the 20/7/12 and I´m on
holidays presently. 

want to say much thanks to the EducAid staff and family as a whole for the
great role they played in my life. 
the achievements I´m making now are because of the holistic education I got
from EducAid.
will like to make it known to all that EducAid is not only the best in Sierra
Leone but it´s one of best in the world.
HOD for science was curious to know who is this Balla Turay at the University.
I was called to his office on the 19th in order for him to interview me
personally. He asked me to tell him the high school I went and what the
educational system is like. After explaining to him about the EducAid holistic
system he said “I don´t think there is any high school in Venezuela that covers
a lot like your school.  Congratulations
for your scores.  We are really happy to
have you as a student here.” 
cannot really express how sorry I was to hear the death of the boy in Magbeni
my condolences to his family and EducAid as a whole.
from Balla

If you are interested in knowing more about EducAid’s work with vulnerable young Sierra Leoneans, please go to and

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