Calling all cyclists

Every year or so, EducAid organises a big sponsored bike ride.  It is generally fairly challenging, great fun and most importantly enormously rewarding because it can raise a good sum of money for us on our core activities: running schools, feeding children and training and paying teachers and so on.
We are really excited about how well the programmes are going in Sierra Leone – new opportunities and developments all the time; children’s lives being transformed beyond belief but it is horrible how much more needs to be done. We are turning children away. We are choosing to eat less nutritious but cheaper options in order to get something to everyone. We are having to refuse the possibility of supporting more schools in upgrading their teaching. We are significantly short of funds.
The next bike ride will take place on 25th – 27th July 2014.  It will run for about 300km down from Brussels through the Ardennes and Meuse valley (some great French wine country) and aims to raise around £40,000 for our projects.
While being a super fit whiz kid will always make life easier, the reality is that we will have a real range of fitness on the ride and support is always available for the slower among us.
This might be your big opportunity to get yourself fit and change the lives of very able but needy young people.
Please contact for more information.

Don’t miss your chance to join in the fun and be part of this little corner of the fight for justice!

If you would like to know more about Educaid’s work with vulnerable young people, please go to and follow @EducAidSL 

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