Future Leaders of Sierra Leone Against Corruption

S.K. and Kabiru –
Head boys of Lumley and Rolal respectively.
Making the arrangements for the
establishment of a chapter of FLSLAC in Lumley.
Exciting new society developing in EducAid among the students.  Tired of the country’s corruption, they are committing themselves to new ways of thinking and behaving.  Yes!

…..and this is their charter and commitment:

Future Leaders of Sierra Leone Against Corruption
 “Honesty, Truth, Service and Social Justice”
We are an
ever-growing society of young Sierra Leoneans dedicated to the building of a
free and democratic nation in which corruption no longer holds its people
hostage. In our commitment to resisting the temptations of power, wealth, and
fame, we hold to an egalitarian principle of organization, by which all people
are treated and valued equally, regardless of gender, tribal affinity, age,
religion, or race.
and objectives of the FSLAC:
eradicate corruption in Sierra Leone and beyond;
sensitize young people about the dangers and destructive consequences of
expose corrupt acts and practices to the public eye;
restore and maintain peace and political stability in Sierra Leone and the
world at large;
boost the economy of Sierra Leone and promote fair, just and positive economic
relations with other nations;
To educate
young people to become role models for generations to come, as leaders of a
morally upright and prosperous Sierra Leone.  
In joining the
FSLAC society, each member vows a lifelong commitment to the following principles:
We vow
to do all in our power to rid Sierra Leone of corruption and hypocrisy;
We vow
to practice honesty in all of our business, civil and educational activities;
We vow
to be truthful about the realities of life in Sierra Leone and support social justice
for all citizens;
D.   We
vow to maintain our sense of unity and common purpose, valuing it above our
individual self-interest;
We vow
to work as a team and lead by example;
We vow
to display publicly and proudly our FLSLAC badge of identity, even in
situations where such display evokes derision and criticism, and threatens
powerful interests;
We vow
to cherish and protect Sierra Leone’s God-given bounty of natural and human
resources, securing their use for the benefit of our nation’s people and not
self-interested parties and narrowly profit-oriented corporations.
H.  Should we be unable to live and act by
these standards, as determined by our local group, we vow to voluntarily leave
the society—and surrender our FLSLAC badge of identity.
Our society grows
organically by forming a “Crue’ of twelve young people (six female, six male),
who select and embrace a unique name and home locality, and elect annually a
member to serve as the group’s representative at societal gatherings. There is
neither hierarchical organization nor formal by-laws as the sole purpose of
FLSLAC is for its members to live the principles we embrace, and to serve as
models to our fellow citizens.
CRUE #1 (27
February, 2014): EducAid Secondary School, Rolal, Port Loko
  1. Kabiru
    Ibrahim Mansaray
  2. Alhaji
    Amire Dumbuya
  3. Sheka
  4. Gibrilla
    Mohamed Kamara
  5. Francis
  6. Joseph
    M Bassie
  7. Josephine
    Kabiru Kamara
  8. Osman
    Phonkay Bangura
  9. Hawanatu
  10. Ann-Marie Cooper
  11. Elizabeth Pokawa
  12. Ramatu Marion Kamara

Crue #2: (10
March, 2014): EducAid Secondary School, Rolal, Port Loko
  1. Bakarr
  2. Alie
  3. Abu
    Bakarr Kamara 4
  4. Thomas
  5. Idriss
    M. Kanu
  6. Abu
    Bakarr Fefegula
  7. Emma
  8. Sinnatu
  9. Sentu
  10. Ramatu M. Kamara
  11. Elizabet Pokawa
  12. Mamunatu Fefegula
If you are interested in knowing more about EducAid’s work with vulnerable young people, please do go to www.educaid.org.uk

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