Definitely too much excitement!.

Obai Santigie and his brother Alhaji receive the keys after their months of hard work to make the school building become a reality.
Drummers and dancers – part of the cultural celebrations.

Cultural high wire performance – another contribution to the celebrations.
Fatmata, a very young member of the women’s secret society. She has declared her desire to attend Maronka primary school. There is now some hope we can enable her to detach herself from these women, who not only lead the dancing during celebrations but, are also the high priestesses of female circumcision!
Sinna, the orator, impressing the Norwegian visitors with his excellent English and his confidence in front of a crowd. He became a live-in student in Maronka when we threatened to take his father to the police for the vicious beating he had given him. His father has now abandoned him and he has been adopted into Obai’s family. Mercifully, this does not seem to have damaged his progress!
Pa Alimamy, Obai;s brother who is deaf and dumb but who has worked with tremendous energy and enthusiasm as part of the building team.
The finalised new building – by far the poshest building EducAid uses.
10th March, 2010, Maronka’s brand new building, built by Norwegian donor agency, Forut, was opened and handed over to EducAid.

Obai [Chief] Santigie has led a team of community members to build this beautiful new school. The construction materials and the technical advisors were provided by Forut but the labour has been provided by the community who are inordinately proud of their achievement.
The community danced into the wee hours and the excitement was great. However, our new challenge is to ensure that the quality of the education that takes place inside is even more beautiful than the shiny new paint!
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