It was looking good and then…….

I had just been thinking up a new positive blog entry.
Firstly, there is the excellent new road to Kenema. Wow! No potholes for 200 miles. Almost unheard of in Sierra Leone.
Secondly, there was an amazing decision made, allowing a woman to contend for a position as chief. Definitely unheard of in Sierra Leone.
Then…..I was brought back down to earth.
My laptop with all my work, photos etc was stolen by a thief with the most amazing sleight of hand imaginable from a vehicle full of people.
I think the only thing I cannot access again is my photos of Alhassan. If anyone has any good recent photos of him, I would be very grateful if you could forward them to me. I have otherwise let Kofi down significantly.
I will also be unable to update the website until I can replace the laptop I built it on, please forgive any aspects that go out of date in the next few weeks.

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