Engineers Without Borders – UK sending a volunteer to EducAid

A few years ago, Rose Atkinson was attending Sherborne Girls School.  Rose heard about EducAid first at a talk at her school.  It rang bells therefore when she saw a volunteer position advertised by EWB-UK to come and work with us for a while.
David O’Donnell has worked hard for several months putting together a proposal, getting it past the security panel, getting it past the technical team etc etc and has finally recruited Rose to come and work with EducAid for 3 months from September to December.
Having now finished her degree and masters studies as an engineer, Rose is looking to put her knowledge to good use.  Rose will work with some of our young engineers: Juldeh Barrie, who has finished his Engineering degree from Fourah Bay College, Gassim Sillah, Emmanuel Gbondo etc who are currently undergoing their degree studies and some of the younger ones still working their way up.
The purpose of her visit is firstly to do an assessment of the various engineering type problems on the sites of the schools we run e.g. water and sanitation, sustainable energy sources, ICT solutions etc and secondly, she will be working with the staff and students to put together an engineering course.
We are really hoping we can get an Engineering and Technology for the Tropics course together. We are looking for an accrediting body that will give it a valuable and credible status and are excited at the possibilities.
Thank you David O’Donnell for all your hard work.
Thank you Rose for being willing to come out and support our development in this way.
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