Exchange of ideas and hats

Sr Adamsay and her staff visiting EducAid Rolal

A few months ago I was contacted by a very enthusiastic lady with whom I eventually managed to fix up a time to meet.
At our first meeting, I was confronted by the most lovely woman, a young Catholic nun, battling away in a small school maybe an hour from Rolal.  She was full of fervour and urgency to improve her school and had decided EducAid was the answer.  One of her members of staff had a brother teaching in Rogbere and the word was out about our excellent results and she wanted a piece of the action.

The Rolal staff in their new hats given as a sign of the
exchange of ideas and the new friendship

As a result of our initial discussions, she immediately decided she would be implementing our entry level skills classes and decided to fix a visit to the Rolal site as early in the new year as possible.
A couple of weeks ago, AA was asked to attend a parents’ meeting where the idea of having entry level numeracy and literacy classes was proposed to the parents.  He explained our methodology and reasoning and achieved 100% support (to Sister Adamsay’s surprise!) for its implementation.
Last week, two of their teachers attended the agricultural science week long training in content and methodology and greatly enjoyed it.
On Friday, they decided as a whole staff to visit Rolal and see what it all looked like on the ground.  This is AA’s report of the event:

They spent the whole day with us.  They were curious to know how we work and indeed they enjoyed it. 
Sr Adamsay had 30 minutes session with the girls encouraging them and doing a lot of  life skills activities relating to moral lessons. Sr. Adamsay was impressed with our kids’ curiosity and ability to communicate well in English.

They attended the assembly and witnessed a White Ribbon Presentation. She was moved by it and even promised to start it in her school. She commended the kids’ creativity and communication skills. 

She asked all her staff to give their caps to us as a sign of partnership, exchange of ideas. According to her this is just the start… 

Finally, she promised to implement a lot of the things they have learnt.
AA and Rolal team

It is exciting to see people who are genuinely wanting to have an impact on the state of education in Sierra Leone.  We need more people with her love for her students and indeed for education!
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