He is speaking for himself now

For those of you who have been following Jimiyke’s story since the early days, you may be interested to hear that he is telling his story for himself now. http://jimiykevisittotheuk.blogspot.com/

While tests have revealed that he does need intervention to protect his life and health, the good news is that his liver is in very good nick and not requiring immediate treatment as the events in March had suggested. The bottom line is that, now he is in the UK, a clear picture is possible and then wise and informed decisions can be made. None of which is possible with the terrible and terrifying medical facilities available in Sierra Leone.
For those new to Jimiyke’s story please read the post on 22nd May 09, 8th, 16th & 28th July and/or follow the link to: https://www.educaid.org.uk/EducAid_Sierra_Leone/Abu_Bakarr_Koroma.html]
For more information about EducAid’s work please go to: https://www.educaid.org.uk/EducAid_Sierra_Leone/Welcome_to_EducAid.html

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