How incredible

Amazing good news. The diagnosis we had hoped against hope for – full recovery from Hepatitis C has actually now been confirmed. 15% of cases self heal so it was a possibility but very unlikely once Hepatatis C antibodies had been detected.

Jimiyke nearly died of unknown causes in March. TB was suspected but never proved. Hepatitis C antibodies were detected but no further diagnosis was possible in Sierra Leone.
The initial scans given by the doctors showed such extreme liver cirrhosis that he was given maybe a year to live. Unthinkable to sit back and watch while he degenerated. Now we wonder if he was given the wrong ones – after all, almost anything is possible in Sierra Leone.
He continued to have some abdominal swelling and pain for some time and eventually, after much battling and much generosity, a visa was obtained so that his health could be properly assessed in the UK, as both TB and Hepatitis C are generally terminal if untreated.
Today, he has received the letter that his body has healed itself. He has definitely had both TB and Hepatitis C but he definitely no longer has Hepatitis C. I have cried for him twice this year. I cried first when I heard in March, from the UK, that he had been admitted to the Connaught Hospital which is like a death sentence in itself. Today, I cried with relief.
With more kindness, help and concern from many good friends, he is taking advantage of any opportunity to be taught ICT by friends, preparing himself to come back and undertake some serious participation in the rebuilding of his country.
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