Issa Fowai – Civil Engineer

This is surely why we do what we do.

When we have hard times, it is great to remember some of the highlights and Issa’s successes and attitude have to be among the best of those:

Dear Miriam,
I have finally got my Degree today. I’m a Civil Engineer now. A feeling I can’t express in any language. I personally just want to say thank you! I feel very lucky to have gone through a noble institution like EducAid. After 5 years here, I have come to see how worthy EducAid is. I know young fellas within the system won’t understand how wonderful Educaid is, but as they grow-up they will discover this fact along the way. I try to figure out what my life would have been without EducAid. How close I came to being a dropout. But EducAid stood between me and failure. I just hope life gets better.Sincere thanks to all those donors that have in any means helped to keep our dreams in motion.Their efforts are undeniable.
I regret to inform you that I can not see all those amazing faces I have missed for 5 years, due to the fact that my school has offered me two years full scholarship to further my studies here in China. During my tenure in EducAid I came to know that if you are going to win, you had better get ready to adapt. a few weeks back this journey seem like a finished one, but after today’s ceremony i think it’s better to seal it with a Masters’ Degree. I am deeply in pain because I miss all my friends and family there. But the fact is going and coming costs a lot. It’s a great news to get an offer like this, but it hurts to not be able to see all my loved ones this summer. Words can barely express how I feel right now.
To all the youngsters, please keep moving, stay positive! Hope to hear from you.

Best Wishes.
The Engineer,
Issa Fowai.

Very very proud of young Issa.  
Wishing him all the very best with his on-going studies.  No mean feat, to go alone to a foreign land, learn Chinese and complete engineering studies in Chinese and then be invited back to undertake Masters’ studies.  

On and up Issa!  On and up EducAid!

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