Jimiyke – bad news!

For those following Jimiyke’s visa and health saga [For those new to Jimiyke’s story please read the post on 22nd May 09, 8th July & 16th July and/or follow the link to: https://www.educaid.org.uk/EducAid_Sierra_Leone/Abu_Bakarr_Koroma.html], we have today received very bad news. He has been refused his visa as the consular representative seems to have completely misunderstood the application.

Jimiyke is currently responding excellently to speculative anti-TB treatment [he has consistently tested negative for TB although his symptoms seemed to imply TB] and his health has massively improved.
We applied for assessment of his Hepatitis C status which requires tests not available in Sierra Leone. The visa has been refused on the grounds that he will need longer than 6 months to complete TB treatment in the UK but TB treatment may take longer than that.
He can only appeal on the grounds of this being unlawful under section 6 of the human rights Act 1998 [c 42] as being incompatible with the appellant’s convention rights.
I am frustrated. He is as calm as ever [at least on the outside!].
It is possible that his Hepatatis C has gone on its own. 15% of cases apparently do. If it has not and he goes untreated, his health recovery will be of a very temporary nature and then we will have to sit back and watch him decline over a period of not very many years until he dies.
If there are any human rights or immigration lawyers in the readership that would be willing to help us either appeal or reapply, we would be very grateful.

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