Jimiyke – the latest

Head Boy, Jimiyke, locally assessed as needing urgent
treatment in the UK; huge response from donors and Addenbrookes.

Jimiyke received a notification from the consular section at the British High Commission yesterday saying that his application for a visitor’s visa was still under consideration.

His fate is still therefore uncertain.

We hope for more news and good news soon. Meanwhile, it has to be said that he is making fantastic use of his time. He has been Luke’s star pupil and is working as IT teaching assistant, already able to teach students the basics of the key Office programmes as well as emailing and he has now started indulging in the joys of ‘Face book’!

[For those new to Jimiyke’s story please read the post on 22nd May 09 or follow the link to: https://www.educaid.org.uk/EducAid_Sierra_Leone/Abu_Bakarr_Koroma.html]

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