Kai’s Building Force in Action!

Kai Building v2**

Amazing developments in Magbeni this week. Joseph M. Kai, our school site co-ordinator, has been arranging for a new building to be constructed in place of what was once only a hut.

Together the local community has been putting together materials and skills to collaborate in the construction of our new building, as well as contributing resources for the education that will take place inside!

Kai tells us:
“We are presently constructing a permanent structure where we built the hut the last time AJ was here. Presently we have reached that height. A very good news towards this development is that we have received some aid from parents. Presently we have sticks, 4 boards, sand from the Magbeni community and most of all is that 2 parents provided 4 bundles of zinc yesterday. We are sure of roofing the building this week and we want to start using it as soon as possible. Lots of love Magbeni team”

Typically it can be difficult to get the local communities involved in the improvement of EducAid sites and the running of the schools. As poverty is so widespread in Sierra Leone, it is not always easy to convince locals to participate unless they see a direct and immediate benefit. Kai has done a fantastic job of involving the community and persuading them it is worth their while to be part of a project that will improve the standards of the local education, little by little.

We hope to implement more projects and opportunities in other areas that provide chances to engage the public, as well as teachers, parents and students, as this is how we will change the country! With people all making their own contribution and doing what they can.


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