Mike in Berlin

More goodwill and support from outside Sierra Leone.

While the Paris to Brussels cyclists were training and foraging for funds to complete their bike ride, my very dear friend, Mike, was training for his first marathon. One week after we completed our mad trip, Mike made his own trek across Europe and participated in the Berlin marathon. He not only finished in just over four hours, with approximately half of the runners in front of him and half behind, he has also raised a considerable sum for EducAid. The final total is not available yet – in fact anyone who would like to sponsor him can please feel free to do so via the website on this link: https://www.educaid.org.uk/EducAid_Sierra_Leone/Donate_to_EducAid.html
I know you were asking Alhassan to keep you going and you felt that he had indeed been with you in spirit as you ran.
Thank you Mike – Good luck for the next one!

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