Tertiary difficulties

The problems at the tertiary institutions continue apace but we still somehow or other need to be fighting that while continuing to push to get as many of our students in as we possibly can.

This year we have managed to obtain sponsorship from some very generous friends of EducAid for one engineering student, five student teachers and Issa has gained his scholarship for studies in China, and another young man has got assistance from a friend of his father’s. This leaves us with a significant number who have already served as junior staff for one year and are ready to go on to the next stage but simply do not have the means.
One other young man has greatly impressed us with his determination. He should really have gone to study medicine but the stories of corruption at the College of Medicine have so daunted him that he has decided that Engineering is more likely to give him a fair chance. From a stipend of £8 per month and doing security work overnight for £24 per month, he has managed to save an impressive £250 while as well taking care of his younger sister. He bought the application form and got accepted. He has paid all his admissions costs, put the £250 as a down payment towards his fees and now needs an additional £250 + maintenance. We are hopeful that someone will come forward to help him. With an environment here of every NGO and his uncle in operation, many people are not willing at all to take responsibility for helping themselves and sit, passively, waiting for everything to be done for them. Juldeh has demonstrated himself as absolutely the opposite. He has done amazingly.
Of course, the following years are not sorted yet either but maybe he will get a grant, maybe a sponsor will be willing to help, maybe, maybe….. One step at a time.
For more information, see www.educaid.org.uk

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