New term

Some real enthusiasm for the new term and some incredibly frustrating casual attitudes born of their experience in the government schools where nobody starts at the beginning and lessons are effective from approximately 2 weeks into term.
So many of the kids are to be found engaged in selling various items. Their parents (guardians) can take weeks to release them.
One day we may break through this and get the guardians to see the need for a change of approach but we certainly have not managed this year. It is also compounded by the fact that the government schools are starting particularly late due to disputes over teachers’ salaries.
Meanwhile though there are high levels of motivation among the kids that are in Maronka. I had to kick half the class out today to go and get their lunch, they were so keen to meet the day’s challenge and collect their stars.
Kofi is settling in well and I am loving being here albeit feeling a little sorry for myself with a rare bout of malaria 🙁

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