Rogbere – new team

The Rogbere school has a new leader and he is really getting into his step.

Raymond Koker has worked with EducAid for over six years as part of the Magbeni team.  The combination of the training AA Kamara has given him and a natural enthusiasm and commitment to his work are bringing wonderful benefits to the Rogbere School.

Koker took over the Rogbere site in September and had quickly sorted out all manner of niggles that had been drifting on.  He has a great way with him and staff and students are quick to cooperate.

This weekend, when we went to visit, he was very pleased to be able to show us the new farm they have started planting up: so far the peppers and potato vines are taking precedence.

Pepper plantation 
Koker – the smile is invisible in the shadows but it is always there!

The Rogbere staff team (8 out of 12 are EducAid past pupils)

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