Thank You All, Once Again!

What a day!

When people suggested that I organise a memorial service for Alhassan in the UK, having already undergone one funeral, I was not greatly excited at the prospect. However, Saturday’s turnout was really quite moving. It was a lovely service and I was touched by the numbers of people who made the effort to come from various parts of the country to celebrate Alhassan’s life and acknowledge his impact on their lives. Equally, I was more than moved by the amazing £2000 that was donated. It will be possible with such a generous figure to do something significant in Alhassan’s memory for EducAid. Thank you all once again for your support, your generosity and your affection for Alhassan, Kofi and me. We would be even more lost without you all.
Many of you had spotted my ‘Dress Code’ comments and so there were quite a few colours around – thank goodness! I was particularly proud though of my little knight in shining armour [on his way to a King Arthur party] and I know Alhassan would have been too!

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